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It seems like some people just assume they can throw ActivityPub on what ever they want and then suddenly be just like Gargon and work on a project that they at least like in the comfort of their living room.

I don't think they are giving Gargon enough credit. The only reason mastodon is as big as it is right now is because of how smart he played his design decisions.

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I hate chocolate. I’m in the mood for some chocolate.

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And all of a sudden people pointed at me. But I was wondering where were these people when it was happening? Why did they just sit there and watch? They want to high five me later. But they were no where to be seen when he was spewing his racist B.S. before.

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I feel like I don't explicitly state this often enough, but I want to see a future where most people are on federated social networks. Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, etc, instead of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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The current welcome screen goes over these things in this order:

1. Hi, here is what your username is with the domain part
2. This is what the compose part is, and what options you generally have
3. These are the different timelines you can see
4. Here is who your admin is

And while that's kind of useful information (varying degrees of) it feels like it's missing a narrative in some way, something like "how do I make this place useful for myself"

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I have watched this so many times today, and laughed so hard at it every time, that my entire abdomen hurts
this is my favorite halloween youtube

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> If you can't fix it, you don't own it.

- Is better than recycling
- Saves you money
- Teaches engineering
- Saves the planet

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Some states have reason to be enthusiastic about the coming election. Minnesota isn't one of them. But, goddamnit, VOTE ANYWAY.

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NEVADA FRIENDS: Thursday is the last day to register online to vote in our state.

Even if you registered in the past, you could have been removed from the rolls.



Don't wait. Do it now!

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Seeing some faint northern lights in Tallinn right now!

I've been away for a bit. Why all the new accounts?

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Hi, mastodon!

I'm a software developer and would love to talk about
* Ruby/Rails
* Clojure/Datomic
* JavaScript/React
* Vi/NeoVim
* Haskell/xmonad

I'm also an aspirant dancer, terrible musician and proudly gay 😊

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I'm a complete New Englander, sorry- Paradise for me is a pine forest so quiet and empty, you can hear the snow fall.

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