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Women in technology (or not), do you have a box of old cords you can share a picture of? Looking to show someone who says only guys have them.

the content is a lie 

the warning is true

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“Three young men once came to an old Arab and said: ‘Our father is dead. He left us seventeen camels, but he laid down in his will that the eldest son should have a half, the second son a third, and the youngest a ninth part of his possessions. Try as we might, we cannot agree on how to divide up the camels. So we should like to leave it up to you to decide.’ The old man thought it over before replying: ‘I see that you need another camel before you can share them out properly. I have mine, just one, but take it, divide the beasts up, and bring me back whatever you have left over.’ The young men thanked him for his kind offer, took his camel and divided up the eighteen animals as follows: the eldest took a half, which was nine camels, the second son took a third, which was six, and the youngest took his ninth, which was two. To everyone’s surprise, there was still one camel remaining, and this they promptly returned with renewed thanks to their old friend.” You say you are Will Smith. How do we know you are not actually a wolf?

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You see, the biggest difference compared to the Birdsite is I feel like I have a certain amount of responsibility towards this community. And that doesn't hinge on clout, or having been here for a long time, or being a mod.

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Tried last night to explain to a group of writers that we don't really know the Monster Mash.

We know a song written *about* the Monster Mash.

Forced to conclude that writers don't understand indirection or pointers.

In this article, @washingtonpost Media Critic @ErikWemple provides a side-by-side comparison of how The New York Times and NBC dealt with adversity when reporting the Weinstein story by contrasting information from "She Said" and "Catch and Kill."

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Does anyone else get a dry spot inside their mouth - right at the hinge of the jaw - that triggers coughing fits? If so, do you have a strategy that helps?


A few days ago, based on Zuckerberg's statement about accepting lies in political ads and his meetings with right-wingers, I deactivated my FB account. Then, I started spending shloads of time on Twitter.

I'm an idiot. Twitter's profits from and policy exceptions regarding Trump are so damaging and visible. What was I thinking.


Random fact:

If my niece wants to take some food on the road, she just throws it in a baggie. This includes ice cream and cereal.

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RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance

@CantankerousMonk That worked (as a mention, not a direct message). I'm going to see if I can do the same, as a DM, instead.

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Even though it's a single point of failure the appearance of LetsEncrypt has been an important factor in the re-decentralization of the web.

I first started running gnusocial some time in 2015. I would have started earlier but I only had a single TLS certificate to be used sparingly and didn't particularly want to run it unencrypted, given firesheep and all that. Self-signed certs were also an annoyance since they tended to produce a lot of browser warnings.

The cost and complexity of obtaining CA certificates was a limiting factor before LetsEncrypt.
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ugh, already found two job ads that were april fool's jokes. Internet is insuferable today, I'm just going to play video games.

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Here's a fun fact for you today: Trans people have always existed.

My personal speciality is documenting the lives of trans people in Medieval Europe. If you'd like to find out more about this topic, feel free to read my threads:

About a trans woman who lived in London in the 14th century

And about a 13th century French poem which discusses a transmac person's gender-questioning

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Happy two year fediversery to me, and @djsundog and everyone else who joined mastodon in late March or early April.

Has it really been two years?

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