Nice one Fediverse. You managed to make everything feel like Twitter again with that crowing about a minor sci-fi celeb.

I couldn't even give a shit whether he's here or not. But watching everyone get their ugly faces on... nope.

Think I might take a vacation from all social media. I'm not actually seeing the benefits any more.


Think it's time to go back to blogging and long form. Twitter and Mastodon just encourage dopamine nasty hits. Get angry about this tweet, hate that screencap (seriously, we're back to screencapping shit already?), uh oh that person said the wrong thing, let's get the pitchforks oiled up.

I've done all this stuff myself, and and I've seen all this stuff everyday from others. I'm still sick of it.

@sonniesedge I'm fond of Dreamwidth, though it could do with some mobile apps.

I'm fond of it too (though the website has always worked fine for me on my phone so I don't mind the lack of an app)..

@hollyamory @artsyhonker @sonniesedge I find it fine for reading but pretty bad for posting posts or comments. The text boxes are all messed up and it's hard to move around within them.

It isn't impossible, it's just a pain.

Maybe I should get a text-only browser and see if that works better, I remember elljay being OK with Lynx back in the day.

Hm, it's never been a problem for me but maybe I just have a style that it works with really well? Because I have it set to show everybody's journals in that style, and I had to pick a very simple, readable style to have any chance of being able to see it at all, it's always been fine for me. Almost all my comments and a lot of my posts have been written on my phone. :) For years.

Though of course an app would make it easier/better and I do wish there was one.

@hollyamory If I write posts on my phone I usually write them in a text editor and then copy and paste them in!

Could try commenting on one of yours to see if it's better in your style... jussec.

@artsyhonker perhaps take a look at Brutaldon which works in Lynx too

@zyx I'm pretty good for Mastodon clients, it's a Dreamwidth one I'm after.

@sonniesedge I've recently started to fill up an RSS Reader with feeds, so that I can read long form stuff by people I care about, it's a kind of social media exit strategy

I made a conscious effort on Twitter to try and inject positivity, and man is it hard when you're surrounded by people getting off on negativity. Same thing here. Anyone who thinks Mastodon is "nice" hasn't been on it long.

@sonniesedge I feel the same way. So where are you writing? I'm writing at

@sonniesedge Damn. New technologies only allow people new opportunities to be people. Still suck. Drop your blog link. I’ll read it.

@sonniesedge Sucks. Was supposed to be ‘still sucks, though.’ Not some weird passive-aggressive thing.

@sonniesedge I've been just thinking the same thing. Actually, I've sort of been doing some of that taking a POSE(Post Once Syndicate Everywhere) approach and using my blog as the central point.

@sonniesedge Oh no, not screenshotting already. For crying out loud, people have 500 characters over here. One more reason to perfer over everything else I guess. We don't have screenshotted text oter there yet.

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