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Hi all. I'm Charlie, a middle-aged British woman living in Berlin, Germany. I'm all about , , and in the tech scene. I tend to swear a lot over in The Other Place - - but I'm slowly migrating here.

I'm also ginger, a raging carb fiend, trans, and masssssively homo.
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Think it's time to go back to blogging and long form. Twitter and Mastodon just encourage dopamine nasty hits. Get angry about this tweet, hate that screencap (seriously, we're back to screencapping shit already?), uh oh that person said the wrong thing, let's get the pitchforks oiled up.

I've done all this stuff myself, and and I've seen all this stuff everyday from others. I'm still sick of it.

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Think I might take a vacation from all social media. I'm not actually seeing the benefits any more.

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I couldn't even give a shit whether he's here or not. But watching everyone get their ugly faces on... nope.

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Nice one Fediverse. You managed to make everything feel like Twitter again with that crowing about a minor sci-fi celeb.

At this point I'd like the ability to block posts that have CWs in them. :(

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I know content warnings are good. But I have extremely unhelpful head things that mean I *have* to open each CW that I see. This makes using a CW-laden timeline extremely slow. :(

I'd much rather that there was a culture of tagging posts with topics and people could book block those terms.

I frequently think about how Henry Rollins once won a Grammy and turned up to the awards ceremony in his gym clothes and the security tried to take him out cos they thought he was a scary random mother fucker as he went to collect his award.

If that's not BDE i don't know what is

Safari Technology Preview 64: "websites are no longer able to request permission to send push notifications in the absence of a user gesture, like a mouse click" 👍

It's technically possible, but not sure she's thought it through. 😂

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Just had to dissuade the elderly woman who lives in our Haus from adopting us when Brexit happens.

At this point I would do very bad things for a decent night's sleep. 😴

So farewell then
John McCain
A good guy some say
But a Republican
Invented Microwavable Chips
Swings and

At Tierheim watching a bunch of pitbulls parading around to The Safety Dance.

Imagining if Mastodon called instances "neighborhoods" instead. The metaphor works really well IMO and doesn't sound like robot-speke.

Had a dream that I got 10,000 retweets for something on the twitter, and then I came to Mastodon to tell everyone but everyone staged an intervention.

I cycled on the sidewalk because of a construction site making the road rather unsafe for my taste. Got reprimanded by the police. Then an old lady came up to rant about the police and the system together, which I rather enjoyed. She also told me she had an issue with her Android phone. I fixed it for her and she gave me a bar of chocolate despite my lamentations that I'm on a diet. So in short: I got rewarded for violating the law and I feel pretty okay about it. 🚲👮🏻‍♂️🧓🏻 ☭ 🍫

After I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering, my first on-the-job mentor asked me: “Do you prefer working on software or hardware?”

He knew it was important to make that choice. My degree focused more on hardware but I preferred software.

I think this really nails why Full Stack is a misnomer. It’s important to make a choice between Back/Front-end or you’ll spread yourself too thin.

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