This week we are on a break due to Kai and Malin travelling. Don’t worry, we will be back on our regular schedule for next week’s episode 🎤🎤🎤

Episode 71 is out 🎉

This week we're talking about Twitter APIs, developer health, and NFC triggered shortcuts.

Our picks of the week are, and USB-C hub

In case you missed it, episode 70 is out 🥳

We chat about the imminent launch of Apple TV+, Stadia, and the Made by Google event.

Our thinks of the week are Transporter, and 🌳🌳🌳

Ep69 🎉

This week we chat about on macOS, a leaked 16" MacBook Pro icon, potential Meetup pricing changes, and the future of iPad and Xcode.

Things this week are, a macOS menu bar item tutorial by and the JDRF fundraiser.

Episode 68 is out 🎉

This week we talk about what we expect for new AirPods, MacBook, Apple TV, and Tag. We chat about MacOS Catalina and macOS Catalyst apps.

Things of the week are 2, Grindstone by and for Mac.

Due to Canadian turkey traditions, this week’s episode will come out a day later than usual 🦃🎉

Episode 67 is out 🎉

This week we're talking about Google killing Macs, iPhone 11 Pro, Touch ID, when to release features, and Microsoft's Surface Event.

This week’s picks are for Mac, the Apple Watch Sports Loop, and Textmate 2 by

If you’re excited about, we chatted with our special guest about the platform and some of our favourite games so far in last week’s episode of Cup if Tech

Episode 66 is out! 🎉

This week we have a special guest on the show, We chat about the new iPhone, the Apple Watch, iOS 13, SwiftUI, macOS and the future of AR. We also talk about Apple Arcade and list some of our favourite games 🕹👾


I was a special guest on the podcast this week! We talked a whole lot about our favorite Apple Arcade games.


Episode 65 is out 🎉

This week we're talking about our first impressions of iPhone 11 Pro & Apple Watch Series 5, Apple's software release roadmap, and Apple Arcade 📱🍏

Episode 63 is out!

This week we're talking about which shiny new devices we preordered, the results of our predictions episode, and all our hot takes™ from the September Apple Special Event. 🎤☕️🍏

We are running slightly behind schedule but don’t you worry, episode 64 will be out soon!

Ep. 63 is out 🎉

This is a jam-packed episode about getting apps ready for iOS 13/macOS 10.15, Zach's /dev/world talk, last-minute Apple Event predictions and iOS 13.1 📱

Things of the Week are:
Timepage by
Bridge Constructor Portal
Pay on Web

Episode 62 “Thinking About Accessibility” is out! 🎉

This week we talk about the importance of accessibility and why it should matter to all of us.

Our Things of the Week are, and


Episode 61 “Not a Draft, September 2019” is out 🎉

Join us for this special predictions episode where we make a list of what we think is going to happen at this year’s Apple September event!📱⌚️

Episode 60 “iPhone 11 Pro Max” is out! 🎉

In this week’s episode, we predict naming of the upcoming iPhones, chat about push notification best-practices, email validation implementations, Apple betas, and WeWork’s manifesto.


Episode 59 “Blurrier Than Before” is out! 🎉

This week we spend some time talking about iOS 13, the state of the betas, and Zach's /dev/world/2019 ( talk preparations 🤗

Episode 58 “Bigger Than Before” is out 🎉

We chat about iPhone and Apple Watch hardware, Siri, email validation implementation, push notifications and App Store Connect.

Our Things of the Week are,, and


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