Episode 126 is out 🎉

This week we chat about the App Store's new privacy labels, the IDFA, Kai's & Malin's new YouTube channel, and the controversial launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

Our picks of the week are @rainparrot@twitter.com, TitleCase, and @GoogleStadia@twitter.com ☔️📝👾


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🤯 Woaaaahhh... I got my second “Pick of the week” in @cupof_tech@twitter.com ❤

Thank you so much to @airkai@twitter.com for picking @ConnectKitApp@twitter.com 🥳 twitter.com/cupof_tech/status/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/joshdholtz/status/

Episode 125 is out 🎉

This week we're chatting about Apple's new AirPods Max, spring cleaning, and our plans for Orbit!

Picks of the week are , @ConnectKitApp@twitter.com, and Magnet (by @crowdcafe@twitter.com) 🧑‍💻👩‍💻👨‍💻📱🧲


Episode 124 is out 🎉

This time we chat more about Apple's Small Business Program, iOS apps on the Mac, hybrid Macs, our Big Sur impressions, and Apple Arcade!

Things of the week are: Sneaky Sasquatch (by @RAC7Games@twitter.com), @carbon_app@twitter.com, and @raycastapp@twitter.com 🎮👩‍💻💻


Thanks again to @KabukiVision@twitter.com for joining us for this special episode! And thank you @AUC_ANZ@twitter.com for trusting us with the dinner entertainment 😃

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The recording of our special live show from the conference is out now 🎉

This was our first live show and we had so much fun! To make it extra special, we decided to release our episode on YouTube 😃 📹


In case you missed it, last week @KabukiVision@twitter.com joined us to chat about the latest Apple event and the new M1 Macs, we also revealed the results of our event predictions! 🥇🥈🥉


As part of the @AUC_ANZ@twitter.com conference, we’re hosting the first ever live show! 🥳

If you’re attending the conference, join us today at 5:30pm (AEDT) for a show full of fun games, with our special guest @KabukiVision@twitter.com 😃🎉

We’re about to start the record of episode 121, where we’ll determine the winner of last week’s Apple event predictions episode!🥇🥈🥉

Our special Apple event episode is out 🎉

In our most fun prediction episode yet, we're speculating about what Apple will announce at their November event and discuss our crazy ideas of future Mac lineups! 💻🖥🍏


Last week we released episode 119 🥳 We spoke about the new iPhones, our work on Orbit and Petty, and speculated about Apple's November event!

Things of the Week were, Nova by @panic@twitter.com, Widget Studio by @StefanLdhl@twitter.com and the @lexfridman@twitter.com Podcast #131 🎙


In case you missed it, last week we released episode 118 where @KabukiVision@twitter.com joined us as we revealed the result of our Special Apple October Event predictions 🥇🥈🥉

We also talked about the event itself and which phones we’re thinking of buying 🎉


In case you missed it, last week we had @viditb@twitter.com on the show, we had a great time chatting about @lookup_ios@twitter.com! 👀📱😃

You can check it out here: cupof.tech/episode/6bdf12f81d9

Our latest Indie Special episode is out 🥳

This week, we’re excited to have @viditb@twitter.com joining us to chat about his app @lookup_ios@twitter.com! We talk about the history of LookUp, building for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, design, prototyping, and much more ☕️🎙🍏


This week we have another special indie guest episode prepared, it will be released shortly 😊


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Since there’s an upcoming Apple Special Event tomorrow, we put together our predictions on the latest @cupof_tech@twitter.com episode. Would be fun to hear what everyone thinks is more likely to be introduced 😊


🐦🔗: twitter.com/malinsundberg/stat

Episode 116 is out! 🎉

Apple is holding another special event, so as per our usual tradition, @KabukiVision@twitter.com joins us for another one of our special, Apple Event prediction episodes 📱📱📱📱


Episode 115 is out 🎉

This week, we’re excited to chat about Zach’s recent launch of Petty 4.0, Kai’s and Malin’s preparations leading up to the launch of Orbit for iOS, building widgets for iOS 14, and SwiftUI 🚀


Our latest Indie Special episode is out! 🥳

This week, we’re excited to chat with @joshdholtz@twitter.com about @FastlaneTools@twitter.com & open source. We also talk about splitting time across side projects, @IndieDevMonday@twitter.com, indie development, widgets, and much more! 💻❤️


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