#39: March Event Predictions

Join us this week for our special March 2019 "Apple Special Event" prediction (Not A Draft™) episode.


#38: NASA Approved Plants

Kai Coffee, Malin Podcast, and Zach Petty join forces to talk about working environments and home offices. Our main topic involves pondering what the future of ARKit and wearables could be.


#37: You're Not Eating Your Code

This week we talk about product focus in tech discussions, Apple ID woes, forming good habits by building streaks, and motivating work environments.


#36: Ming-Chi Kuo Edition

The Ming-Chi Kuo Apple report, 2019 AirPods, Apple "pro" products, iPhone and Ultra-Wide Band connectivity, and foldable phones (or not).


#35: I Follow You on Twitter

Join us this week to discuss dark mode, always-on displays, Watch features, competition in tech, and analytics & privacy.


#34: Head of the People

Join us this week to discuss designing UI & icons, public transport, Apple retail, and Spotify's push into podcasting.


#33: Small Phones, Large Computers

Join us this week to discuss fancy doorbells, the FaceTime bug, public perception of bugs, the importance of critical feedback, and some more about Apple products we expect in 2019.


#32: Music Critic

Very Good™ follow-up, Malin's meetup talk preparation, Microsoft Office and the Mac App Store, all things Slack, beta software, our thoughts on the state of Xcode, and electric scooters for city transport.


#31: I Had Too Much Fun

CarPlay, critical technologies that sometimes fails us, starting meetups, giving technical talks with demos, and our admiration for people who can type flawlessly.


#30: Sounds Like a March Event

Zach returns after hanging out with wallabies for a bit to discuss AirPower, Apple in 2019, and cultural attitudes towards privacy in Europe, North America, and Australia.


#29: We Are Living in Strange Times

This week Zach is on a mission and Malin and Kai talk about CES, Apple's earnings revision, doing meaningful work, and the future.


#28: We're Not the Good Idea Podcast

In our first episode of the year, we discuss fitness routines for the Near Year, motivation for working on side projects, and all about goal setting and themes.


#27: You Actually Meet Santa

Looking back on our favourite new tech hardware of the year, as well as our favourite iOS and macOS apps.

Since it's the holidays, we also chat about holiday traditions in different countries and hemispheres. Happy holidays!


#26: I Don't Ask Questions

We discuss volume control with Apple Watch, Pinecast, Vapor and Vapor Cloud, online programming communities, and Things - a to-do app!


#25: Core Backdoor

App review prompts, Canadian Internet, Kai got a new mouse, and the Apple Watch can finally take ECG readings.

Our main topics are Australia's Assistance and Access Bill, and what makes a good meetup community.


#24: Moron Levels

Attention while listening to podcasts, speaking English with an accent, family plan pricing and subscriptions.

Our main topic is our podcasting setup. The tools we use -- hardware, software, and everything in between!


#23: None of It Matters

The Accidental Sport Podcast returns, followed by discussion about search engines and privacy, and analytics in apps.

Our main topic this week is Twitter - are you just shouting into a void?


#22: Backup Your Family

We discuss our data backup solutions, what an "Instagram Menu" is, tipping culture in North America, and improvements to Do Not Disturb features.

Our special after show is a discussion on the first two seasons of The Good Place.


#21: Don't Fool Yourself

Join us this week for more iMac discussion, the good and bad of Australian Internet, mobile roaming, a crash course in cricket pitch curation, our coffee identification ability, and finally productivity on macOS vs. iOS.


#20: My Week Has Been Tough

Nit-picky iOS 12 and macOS Mojave observations, TV shows, Kai's iMac purchase decision making, AeroPress, kettles, JDRF, and finally our ramblings about Apple's pricing strategies.


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