Decided for grins to import my works aws development environment into terraform. Hoping I can show them the light.

Found a couple references, and that won't fix the internet challenge, but one hurdle at a time. Could at least put up some services the town could use, like perhaps a download of wikipedia, or connect them to the clinic they are building.

My cousin is doing outreach work in a remote village in the middle of nowhere. I've started building a mesh network POC with RPi's to see if perhaps their little village could be networked.

My daughter is going on her first real date. This is a confusing mix of emotions..

Does anyone know which phone model has the greatest Linux support? I don't want to lock into just one of them. SailfishOS, libre, kde mobile..I want to try them all.

I haven't updated some of these playbooks in years. Which is why i'm now stuck in the rabbit hole of updating them with everything I've learned since starting to use ansible. This might take awhile...

Starting building an ansible playbook to deploy a Hak5 c2 server. Got tired of building them by hand.

Today I started to switch over from virtualbox to KVM. I'll miss the cross platform functionality but I rarely use windows any longer. Games mostly..

Been diving into the world of AWS Codebuild and Packer the past few days for building our custom AMI's at work. It'll give us a lot more automation options...if I can get past this annoying Choco TLS error.

With my inner voice flashing warnings on my hud that it's a bad idea, I'm going to give Plasma another shot. I still think Cinnamon is my sweetspot desktop UI..but something about the futuristic/cyberpunkish transparency of Plasma keeps pulling me back. We'll see how it goes.

My brand new System76 Lemur Pro arrived today. Such an awesome little machine. Looking forward to lots of fun with it. Still running Pop!Os for the moment, but switched to Kubuntu for the desktop env. Nice job guys!

Thinking about buying a Slimbook pro/x 14. Does anyone know if you can drive a monitor or dock off the USB c ports? Need it to work with my HP USB C dock I use for work.

Setup Joplin to sync with my Nextcloud instance. We'll see if I like this setup.

I love Plasma as a desktop, but their menu drives me to drink. Any snaps that are installed almost never show up in the menu. Snaps I had installed an were working for some reason have now disappeared.

Anyone use Virtualbox on KDE Plasma? Everytime I hit the super key to bring up the menu it brings up the menu on the guest AND host OS's. Doesn't do this in Gnome. Was wondering if anyone has a fix.

Just realized my laptop was never upgraded from UB 19.04 to 19.10. Time to take the upgrade dive.

Latest ammo in learning python on my quest to transition to a Security Engineer.

I get to learn now to create terraform modules... tonight.... for a code review tomorrow...

No pressure..

I have a D6000 dock at work that consistantly disconnects, killing my monitors in the process. I followed the attached link instructions, but it seems like now my machine doesn't suspend. (Kubuntu 19.10). Would love any suggestions anyone might have to get around this issue. (Dell Latitude 7480)

@kde Noticing that any snaps that are installed never seem to show up in the menu regardless of what distro I use. Anyway of fixing this? Getting tired of adding them manually.

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