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Seeing companies like Github using Ruby really makes me want to pick it up. But I'm too busy learning Rust 😢

Let the bodies hit the floor by drowning pools and it’s raining men by the weather girls is describing the same event from two perspectives

I'm extremely curious to see what Mozilla picks for it's alternative to IRC. I'm holding out hope for Matrix, or at least not slack.

Day 4 of 100, I’m pretty stoked about how much I’ve improved already

I made my first attempt at shadows and highlighting for 100days of doodling

I'm like the sun, if you look at me for too long your eyes will start to hurt.

I've started making a point to never show up as online in Slack. I'm not sure why, but if I show myself as always offline I get bothered significantly less.
I suspect it's because they don't notice that while I'm speaking in the channels it says I'm offline.

I'm going to try to start being more socially involved in the community. More responsive to blog posts and such. Really get involved.

I really wish more time tracking applications would have parsing of `m` or `h`. It's so nice being able to enter `30m` and get that parsed as 0.5.

This raised a question I’m curious about: for your side projects, if you’re learning a new Lang, do you make a point to use that Lang or do you just go with what you know?

This weekend I had trouble choosing between Rust (the Lang I’m trying to learn) and Node (one I know well) for developing my blog platform. I actually ended up going with Ruby using Jekyll.

Alright creators of John Wick, y'all need to stop killing dogs in your movies. Find another way to make me feel like crap.

Docker feels much slower recently.
Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

And usually the CEO will use that password for everything

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