I'm looking to start blogging again starting this week. I'm really trying hard to work with the write as api but I keep running into issues.

I might just end up going with something like Gatsby instead, we'll see.


I did this as well, it was a lot of fun but eventually felt overkill for my static blog. Hugo is nice if you just want to generate static pages, or Jekyll if ruby is more your jam

@robjloranger I like Jekyll a lot. Hugo I haven't used a whole lot. Of the three I'm preferable to Gatsby just because of my familiarity with React.


I really like Gatsby, and react. I just haven't had a chance to work with it. Other than trying it out for my blog.

@robjloranger I'm getting this odd thing while using `nextjs`. It *might* be a nextjs issue, but I do experience it in curl sometimes too so I don't think it is.
Basically, when I do an initial fetch request to the /api/me/posts endpoint, I get the data, but if I follow it up with a second request it 404s me (same endpoint).
Another odd thing, I'd prefer to not use that endpoint (I don't want to require an api key), but the /collections/sneakycrow endpoint just 302s me. That collection (blog) is public


What header are you sending with the request to the pubic endpoint?


So the endpoint `/api/collections/sneakycrow` is looking for the `Content-Type: application/json` header, with that there is no 302.

There is a PR open to also accept the `Accept` header of the same value.

Then if you use `/api/collections/sneakycrow/posts` you get all your posts. This is all without an authorization header.

There is currently no pagination on api routes, afaik.

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