There is no reason whatsoever to have Windows installed on your computer. You should not have Windows installed on your computer. If you have Windows installed on any computer you own then you have fucked up.


@sir I do use it to play games almost exclusively. How would I cure that issue?

@sneakycrow play games that run on Linux, or tabletop games with friends, or read books, or do something productive

@sir @sneakycrow

And lutris for Windows games on Linux if you really want while free as in freedom software is ideal, most proprietary Windows games are playable on Linux because of Codeweavers' and Valve's non-proprietary effort with Proton, and DXVK. The only major exceptions are certain games with harmful DRM, and not all games with DRM fall under that.

@distant @sneakycrow note that rewarding such games with money is the worst possible response I agree (I don't play video games), though Valve has been using it to get a gauge on Linux users as a whole, and some companies are explicitly making efforts to ensure their games work well under Proton. Given the low quality of most games programmers, I see it as a workable compromise, and better than no option at all.

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