Can anyone help me with an idea for a Twitch Extension? I really want to work on one but I really can't think of something I'd want to make!

I wonder how much it'd cost for me to advertise my dog on a billboard. No text, just a picture of my dog

I'm going to try to build a few things starting this week: a discord bot, a twitch bot, and a static site generator

I am finally feeling like I am making progress with rust. I was able to spin up a db connection, env variables, and connecting to an API relatively quickly compared to a few months ago

Does anyone have a good place to get ideas for projects when you’re learning a new language?

I wanna work on some more Rust projects. I still have my goal of being fluent in Rust by the end of the year

I got Gatsby going at my new domain (WIP). Should have some content coming soon

My thinking here was that it should be about blogging, and I should be able to do it as easily as possible

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