Does anyone know how to permit a Gutenburg to only select a single innerblock of a group of three? So, there's three allowed types, but they can only select one. is so amazing. I deployed a rust lambda function this morning in like 5 minutes.

Developing on a 4k monitor is dangerous for front-end development. I am _constantly_ running into QA issues that just don't exist at my screen width

Correct: it's hard to make money working on open source software

Correct: it's hard to make money working on open source software, therefore I will make nonfree software

Incorrect: it's hard to make money on open source software, and therefore I will make nonfree software and claim that it's open source

Yesterday I bought and I'm beyond excited about it

This week I started rolling a space themed illusion wizard known as a "Mirage Architect". I'm beyond stoked.

For all the hate Wordpress gets, I will say, if you're using the platform per the codex intended its at least managable to work with

@robjloranger I just checked out your personal website, and I dig the minimalism man! I think I might follow suit on separation of the Blog vs the personal site.

I might just end up going with something like Gatsby instead, we'll see.

I'm looking to start blogging again starting this week. I'm really trying hard to work with the write as api but I keep running into issues.

I'm seriously considering hosting my own mastodon instance

Calculate the distance between two elements using the Pythagorean Theorem

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