I enjoyed the core writing of the Upload series, but the production quality felt half asses all the way through.

Watching Microsoft take advantage of the Github community the last few weeks has been really eye opening. I'm going to be moving projects off their platform more than likely. Probably make my way back to source hut

New Childish Gambino?! Looks like I'm smoking some bud and straight chillin this Sunday

I wish logging into an IRC chatroom at 1am was still common. I miss the random conversations with strangers when I couldn't sleep

I'm with the author here. I'm not sure sharing salaries on Twitter is as productive as we think, but talking about salaries openly is very important.


Switched over to Rust again for a personal project! I’m really liking the language still

I’ve gotten into photography with my free time lately, and I am really loving how well my pictures are turning out.

I got to mess around with Terraform this past week and I think I want to start converting some projects to utilize it. I really like it a lot better than navigation AWS UI

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My FOSS Story - Andrew Gallant's Blog


I relate to a lot of this

Sad day, actix was my go to framework. I really implore everyone to look at @sir’s comment in addition to reading the article

I have a good excuse to finally mess around with golang, and I'm really excited. I re-made an old bot for my discord channel last night in go and it was a super pelasant experience

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Reminder that we have a guide to git rebasing that's helpful for avoiding this kind of problem: git-rebase.io

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Ideally, I'm looking to start publishing native applications on iOS this year. Trying to generate a little bit of passive income and gain some native app dev experience

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