I’ve gotten so used to my check engine light being on that I get nervous when it’s suddenly not

Finally got to generic types in Rust, and it's like the whole language just clicked

With #golang and #rust growing in popularity, we're really seeing some much needed improvements & love for classic command-line tools.

elvish, micro, ripgrep, lsd, gopass, gotop are all amazing projects in their own right - to name just a few.

Stumbled upon other awesome projects just recently? Share them with me!

Started a new series for the file share web software I'm writing in to help me learn the language


I'm not a fan of Trello mostly because the UI doesn't feel good to me personally

I've had experience with Trello, and I'm not a fan. Jira is too much for what I need. But, I would love to hear some alternatives to either of those.

One thing I've been trying to do with personal projects is actually create attainable "todos" somewhere near the project.
Lately, I've been using SRHT's todo, which seems to be working pretty alright

Rust is just an awesome language in every way, I just need to get ahead of this damn learning curve

Once again, I find myself going from another language back into Rust

What if Respawn had each season replace the Heroes? It’d be cool if each season we got a new set of legends.

Tonight I’m going to work on a Golang backend with a Vue front end that will be a file sharing software for my personal use. Open source of course

I think I’m going to try to program a simple file sharing web software in Golang this week

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