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@fluffy @ben nope, no recent bridgy fed changes. it definitely does make the fediverse think your site is an activitypub/mastodon instance, which will trigger requests like these, but that’s always been true. more details:

@mdbraber good find! it's actually been just ~$800/yr for the last couple years, and current run rate is down to ~$450/yr.

regardless, if you run it yourself for just your own accounts, it should fit entirely within app engine's free tier. you'd need a few config tweaks, specifically reverting . background in

@mdbraber @aaronpk definitely doable! a couple people have done it before. most of the work will be generating the silo API app credentials you need and putting them into the right files in your local repo: . then just sign up for google cloud, create an app engine app, and deploy!

@rrix @nightpool so far, i don't know why is 503ing bridgy fed's inbox delivery POST. your site seems to be set up ok, eg works fine.

one interesting thing to note is that evidently runs a fork of mastodon, . i doubt that's the cause of the problem here, but it's possible.

@rrix nah, hub is only loosely required by mastodon for this kind of federation, and not actually used for anything in bridgy fed's critical path.

@rrix @nightpool hey, sorry for the trouble! if it makes you feel any better, you're very much on the bleeding edge. indieweb/fediverse interop via direct federation, like what bridgy fed does, is still very rough and sometimes flaky right now. thanks for trying it!

this 503 probably means mastodon is having trouble fetching something from your web site, eg webfinger, which it should be redirecting to bridgy fed. I'll take a look soon.

@depone sure! sorry for the trouble. I'll take a look.

interop with mastodon has been difficult and unreliable, so no promises... but we'll see!

@depone sure! try indie repling to a mastodon post from your web site, via webmention, or interact with a post from your site via mastodon.

(the latter may be harder because you have to follow your site from mastodon, which can be tricky. )

Interesting unintended consequence of federation: when you post a link, >1k mastodon nodes all fetch it at the same time to render a link preview, which results in a small DDoS.

@nelson interesting! isn't mastodon at all actually, it's federated ActivityPub via . i'm guessing halcyon makes some mastodon-specific assumptions which may not be valid in this case. happy to help them debug if they're interested.

@Gargron @carlosceb @puck thanks for the nudges! i see in that hubzilla said they're working on it, but haven't shipped yet. regardless, agreed, they and you are definitely both big, so i'm happy you're both close!

@carlosceb @Gargron true, but there are still no functional activitypub implementations to speak of, at least with any real users. may be the only public one that works at all. right now ostatus vs activitypub fit the classic "deprecated vs not yet available" dichotomy, at least for real world federation. whee.

@johnjohnston yes! we're actually planning to work on this soon. details in , maybe eventually as . first step will probably be add ActivityStreams 2 support to .

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