testing access token scopes 2 (http://localhost:8080/publish/mastodon)

testing access token scopes (http://localhost:8080/publish/mastodon)

@nelson @snarfed.org hah, on second thought, i don't even bother syndicating posts there either. guess i should start.

@nelson 😆 thanks! feel free to unfollow this account to avoid spam if you want. real posts are over on @snarfed.org.

“It’s about doing the one little thing you can do, even if it’s useless: planting seeds in the midst of the apocalypse, spitting on a wildfire, bailing out the ocean with a bucket. Individual action is almost always pointless. Hope and strength comes from our bonds with each other, from the actions we take as a community, holding hands in the dark.” festive.ninja/one-atom-of-just

You have to love your kids. You don’t always have to like them. (snarfed.org/?p=38793)

@ashfurrow hi! just a heads up, i may have discovered a bug: searching for "@xyz" (include double quotes) 500s. can replace xyz with anything; doesn't need to be an existing user.

i don't know if this is a misconfiguration, or a bug in your fork, or in upstream, or just transient, so i figured i'd nudge you before i filed a github issue anywhere.

thanks for running this instance! :hugops:

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