If you wanna leave some kinda general feedback on 1.6, here is the Discourse thread: discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/m

Bug reports go on GitHub of course.

Usually there's about a week's time between first RC and final release.

Since apparently nobody reads what I write, I'll reiterate some points about the protocol stuff, as I see wrong information being spread around.

ActivityPub is a new W3C standard for federated messaging with better privacy support and more future-proofness.

v1.6 of Mastodon implements ActivityPub for the first time, and "prefers" this protocol when it's available. However there is no change at all to how OStatus works in it.

v2.0 will pull the switch on private toot federation over OStatus.

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There is a long-term plan of removing OStatus support, as Mastodon has never been intended to be multi-protocol. This plan is not connected to any specific version or date. It's just a general direction. As most of the fediverse plans to switch to/support ActivityPub (e.g. Hubzilla, GNU social), I believe nobody's gonna miss OStatus.

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@Gargron OStatus is indeed quite old fashioned and almost obsolete for nowdays standards.


@carlosceb @Gargron true, but there are still no functional activitypub implementations to speak of, at least with any real users. distbin.com/ may be the only public one that works at all. right now ostatus vs activitypub fit the classic "deprecated vs not yet available" dichotomy, at least for real world federation. whee.

@snarfed @carlosceb there is Kroeg by @puck, Hubzilla also already implemented it, and of course, us. Even just Mastodon alone is enough imo. We're big.

@Gargron @carlosceb @puck thanks for the nudges! i see in project.hubzilla.org/channel/a that hubzilla said they're working on it, but haven't shipped yet. regardless, agreed, they and you are definitely both big, so i'm happy you're both close!

@Gargron @puck @carlosceb @snarfed The better way is to cooperate with the other implementers. Integrate AP in Mastodon, but don't break compatibility unless the other major systems can understand that as well - this is the better way than just saying "I don't care about the rest of the world"

@heluecht @snarfed @puck @Gargron Yes, sometimes is better to keep the compatibility, sometimes is better to move foward because keeping the compatibility brings too many issues with performance or even security. Keeping Ostatus compatibility while moving to Activitypub is like keeping SSL 3.0 compatibility in the TLS era: pointless, because TLS is the successor of SSL. Also, i recommend the following conference for more info about failed descentralized standards: redecentralize.org/conf2015/20

@carlosceb @Gargron @puck @snarfed The essential question is: Do the Mastodon developers want to cooperate with developers other systems to keep and maintain the Fediverse or don't they care about it?

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