@ashfurrow hi! just a heads up, i may have discovered a bug: searching for "@xyz" (include double quotes) 500s. can replace xyz with anything; doesn't need to be an existing user.

i don't know if this is a misconfiguration, or a bug in your fork, or in upstream, or just transient, so i figured i'd nudge you before i filed a github issue anywhere.

thanks for running this instance! :hugops:

@snarfed hmm! How curious. So the bug I'm able to reproduce is searching for "@anything" (with quotes), but "anything" works fine. That's... very weird!

I checked the issue tracker and no one else is reporting anything. We still have some search indexes running, so it _could_ be related. I'll check once they're done (if they ever finish) and if it's still broke, we can open an issue 👍

@ashfurrow @snarfed The instance also gives me an 500 error. Additionally, "" (two or four ") also causes the error, but just one (or three) " does not.

@Neui @snarfed hmm! Definitely feels like a bug. I’ll have more time this weekend, maybe I can get a clear sense of the problem before opening the issue (or maybe,,, the PR? 🤔🧐😋)

@snarfed @Neui Looks like a pull request to fix it has already been opened! 🎉

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