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3.1.1 released, that features bug fixes, 1 for Opus, and 2 for escaping " and & in the path when encoding. Everything should be working fine now.

3.1.0 quickly followed 3.0.0, and featured support for Opus output format. Since Opus comes from the same bunch that makes Ogg, the logic was pretty easy to implement, so I decided why not add another output format. Here's to many more years of syncing flac to ogg/opus/mp3 audio libraries!

Grab it at:

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3.0.29 completed. A small point release, features fixed Trinity desktop detection, fixed cpu vulnerability unreadable errors (reported by fedora/vascom, thanks), adds and display managers, adds Q4OS distro ID and debian system base, more disk vendors/ids (thanks hardware database).

Polished up some loose ends on , which makes the new 3.0.0 version pretty much good to go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it may get packaged for debian/ubuntu, if the packager is in the mood. The new version is much cleaner, output is more consistent, man page reasonably complete, top comment instructions for user configs more complete, various glitches and fixes handled, so acxi 3 is pretty much ready for your to / conversion needs!

An unexpected fork on github motivated me to finally do the version 3.0.0 I'd meant to do ages ago. This brings acxi up to the level of Perl, for better or for worse... - acxi is an audio conversion program, converts lossless (like flac) to lossy formats (like ogg or mp3), while preserving your music library hierarchies and tagging in the compressed versions.

3.0.28 just released. This makes for probably the longest time between new inxi versions since Perl inxi started.

More disk vendors and vendor matches, fixes - fixes, fixes, finally got the dual cpu speeds you see in some ARM 2 cpu systems resolved.

For sys admins, inxi can now be started by Ansible or Chef with the --tty flag to make sure it runs as shell. This fix was not confirmed by the issue poster, oh well.

Battery corner cases handled, where sys battery sans data.

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Using i3 has me using keyboard shortcuts for everything, which are themselves beginning to feel like phrases, and tasks like paragraphs.

I never thought a window manager could make that big of a difference.

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I remembered a thing I forgot to do, and instead of continuing to do what I was doing while increasingly stressed, I stopped and did the thing.

's desktop added in , for next . Also added for window manager and for compositor data, and -panel. Thanks gm10

Also updated system base detection for !_OS from . That makes 2 Ubuntu derived OS'es connected with system76 now, being the other one.

Also added to supported SBC, fixed some CPU speed issues, sloppy Audio device handling, thanks strit from

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It's been a long time since I used anything like twitter but I like the idea of a decentralized social network, so here I am! Toot, toot!

I decided to update my old stats tool:

Mainly because they slightly changed their syntax internally, but then once I had looked at it, I decided to add a top/bottom x count of distros with a new -r option.

Everything seems to work, last 6 months, top 6:

dws -t 6 -r 6 6 month rankings:
Manjaro: 1 (3981+)
Mint: 2 (2279-)
elementary: 3 (1804+)
MX Linux: 4 (1647+)
Ubuntu: 5 (1426-)
Debian: 6 (1080-)

package has been accepted, which I guess makes me the new tinycore linux inxi maintainer. No idea why it struck me as a good idea to do that, never packaged anything before.

Must be something about a minimal installer iso that is 12MiB in size, heh. And a 'full' iso that is 150MiB or so.

at the intimate Starline Social Club... amazing.

Just released 3.0.27 which contains memory and disk size fixes, Android ARM phone fixes, fixes, better debuggers for complicated debugging situations, and some bug fixes. Note that normally I don't do anything more than remove real errors for osx, but because one issue raised also was an existing old issue, I fixed that as well (space in remote file system name for partitions).

Also uploaded my first package for tce, will see if it is accepted.

changed column order and syntax for fre and avm in vmstat, thus breaking the expected syntax. This is fixed in , and will be out in 3.0.27. One could ask about the wisdom of changing things like this, but there are better ways to spend ones time so all I can do is create work arounds for this type of randomness and flux. But I think I will use this to create a FAQ about why inxi is so long, with vmstat output from OpenBSD 6.1 and 6.3, along with how many lines of code the fix required

Rough initial tests using + on phone OS and / have worked. Data is incomplete however due to issues with parsing /sys ARM data, but is showing complete output minus the missing data items, but no errors.

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display manager, a nice idea, ncurses based, requested being added to , now added in , and they just made a --version too for it, so it will show version, which should help their devs find bugs etc.

But thanks to the / maintainer of for spotting this last minute thing. Even though almost nobody uses format, it should be right, and working, just like any other repo syntax.

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