@yep245@todon.nl @distrotube Skip 'open source' part of foss, and focus on the 'free software' part. Open source is just something invented to make free software palatable to the corporate sector, just semantics, it's about the licenses. Software licenses are primarily about distribution rights. GPL enforces giving back if you have distributed the source yourself, BSD doesn't. Stallman specifically addressed the question of undesirable people using your work, but the free as in freedom means free to use you want.

Quickly followed 3.0.31 with 3.0.32, in order to add a few more weather features, and better ability to handle attribution requirements.

Made it just in time for Debian/Ubuntu next release freezes, I think, it's in sid, and should make it into testing before Ubuntu freezes their testing pool for disco release.

Just did 3.0.31 release, which features a new way to handle weather requests. Also added an option to change the source for IP WAN data, but you're in general better off uising the dig method, it's fast and reliable.

Side note: Is there any way to fix the terrible lag I'm getting on mastodon? It's almost impossible to type a post.

@aru yes, I can! it's when someone posts a link to a webpage where you have to give them your email address before proceeding. Which is slightly preferable to when you take the quiz then they make you give them your email address.

Turn off all html view in email client and you will always see the phishing in the raw links.

@bclindner the dumbed down and restrictive OSX interface? If you need help talking sh@it about it, I'll be happy to do it. If by 'clean' you mean, doesn't do anything the way I want, and finds a new way to piss me off every time I am forced to interact with one, yes, definitely, no argument. The really sad thing is that this is being used as a template to ruin other desktops, not all, but too many, like Gnome.

@brion Actually, yes, in fact, almost all rap from day one featured 'samples' that were just stolen from the real artists, until they had to pass legislation limiting such samples to 15 seconds or less before copyright had to be paid. So that would be much closer to software piracy, plus whatever it is meth-heads like to listen to. Punk tended to be very creative and original when it started, before turning into another ossified music form. Hard to believe if all you've ever heard is greenday etc, lol.

@brion given that a core component of punk rock was, and generally still is, DIY, plus being anti-corporate etc, free software is obviously the equivalent of punk, and open source is the corporate friendly 'new wave/indie rock' variant. Pirated software is just your normal trailer trash, illegal power hookups, etc, stuff, meth-heads stealing anything that they can lay their hands on, so musically maybe "hard" rock/rap? Crass did it all themselves, and early punks tended to make their own stuff.

@jnnfrrss do you like coding or do you like designing? If you don't like coding, as in, you find it unenjoyable and avoid it, then don't do dev.

3.1.1 released, that features bug fixes, 1 for Opus, and 2 for escaping " and & in the path when encoding. Everything should be working fine now.

@andrioid re bad developers, in a world filled with garbage script kiddie react, angular js junk, bloated css frameworks that take 100x more code to execute what anyone competent can code by hand, you're talking about a different problem, that has nothing to do with PHP, that's just web dev incompetence, same problem from 1995 to today, flash websites, junk frameworks, same issue, people too lazy or greedy to learn the craft, and getting away with it. CSS, PHP, HTML, all lovely creations when used correctly

@andrioid I do not enjoy language updates breaking my code, and making my clients pay me to fix it, I am aware of no language better than PHP in this regard, except Perl 5. Both languages treat their userbase, developers, with extreme respect,m and give you years of warnings if a feature must be removed. Compare python 2.7 to 3.0 vs PHP 5.6 to 7.0 for instance, I had ot do exactly zero updates on my up to date 5.x code for it to run on 7.x, and only a few updates on some older 5.3 era PHP.

@andrioid PHP 4 was released in 2000, 5 in 2004. So you are talking in the case of 4, 18 years ago. That code had no business remaining in production frankly, since EOL also ends support. Well written PHP 5 takes very little time to update to PHP 7, it's very few items that need changing. You seem to be confusing badly written code with the language itself. Bad developers write bad code. Most of the hip languages like python can't even retain language features between minor versions, forget major versions

@andrioid it is fairly trivial to update from PHP 4 to 7. In fact, I would challenge you to find any language that does a better job maintaining language feature support major version to major version, with as noted the exception of Perl 5. You get at least 2 years deprecation warners, often much, much, more, when features are going to get dropped, and the updates are often trivial.

@andrioid ...or the starting PHP was just really, really, bad, of course, lol, but bad code is a universal and is always hard to maintain.

@andrioid it's not hard to maintain PHP codebases, in fact, I'd put one of the core defining characteristics of PHP as the extreme language feature stability compared to any other language besides maybe Perl 5. Maybe you just are missing someone who knows PHP?

@bclindner I say this as someone who filed bug on an issue only I had, old hardware, running 32 bit. Not fun.

@bclindner yes, of course, a bug that only one person has may be a total fluke, based on something specific to their system, but a bug that two people have is almost certainly a real bug.

3.1.0 quickly followed 3.0.0, and featured support for Opus output format. Since Opus comes from the same bunch that makes Ogg, the logic was pretty easy to implement, so I decided why not add another output format. Here's to many more years of syncing flac to ogg/opus/mp3 audio libraries!

Grab it at: github.com/smxi/acxi

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3.0.29 completed. A small point release, features fixed Trinity desktop detection, fixed cpu vulnerability unreadable errors (reported by fedora/vascom, thanks), adds and display managers, adds Q4OS distro ID and debian system base, more disk vendors/ids (thanks hardware database).

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