Found an odd case where RHEL based distros minimal installs were not shipping with core programs like tar or lspci. Added in error handling and messages to users telling them the programs are not installed which is why they see no data for that item. I had never seen a Linux distro ship without either, so this had not been explicitly handled.

This was discovered while adding RHEL system Base: support for the Distro: item for Rocky, Alma, and CentOS.

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@smxi do you happen to know when lspci was added to default installs? Maybe I didn't know about it, but I remember reading this obscure info out of /proc, back in the day...

@zladuric I don't know when, but I know that I've gone back in the commit logs of lspci to find out when a certain option was added, and that project I view as basically an offshoot of the kernel itself, it's run basically by kernel people, like lm-sensors. I have never seen any gnu/linux that isn't designed for ARM/RISC SOC devices not include lspci. That's why inxi never tested for it. The only base install I've found that doesn't have the pci utils is tinycore, at 26 MiB.

@zladuric rather, inxi did test for it, but didn't use the test results until now since I never saw a reason to use that data. lspci was first published in 1998. I've never seen any gnu/linux os not ship it until my recent tests with Alma/Rocky 'minimal installs' (at 1.1/1.4GB!), which are built off of RHEL sources minus the branding. My expectation is that pci-utils shipped with distros probably by 2000 at the latest. Prior to 2.6 kernel the information was not that complete however.

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