@smxi no idea, as an outsider it seems to have come out of left field. it seems like those articles criticizing his responses carried more weight for him that previously thought?

@codeimpossible It had to be something new, I've seen talks where people ask him why he doesn't realize being such an asshole all the time is bad for the project, and he doesn't show any inclination to accept that premise. I suspect it's something external.

To be fair however, Linux is an open project with an open mailing list, which gives false impression that it's related to OSS, when in fact, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were notorious for similar abuse, but it was behind company firewalls, not public.

@smxi true, assholes are everywhere. this isn't an OSS specific problem by any means, but removing linus as an example of abusive behaviour "that works" will (hopefully) help foster inclusion and reduce abuse in other projects

@codeimpossible As with apple and microsoft, it's really quite difficult to say that this type of environment was bad for the projects in question, all are global leaders in their areas. I suspect it's not as black and white as we'd like to think, in that, certain people will find this fine, and those people may be great hackers, and others may want a kinder environment, and those people may not be such great hackers. I suspect Linus thought the former as a rule. But his corporate donors may not agree.

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