Bug fix for , encountered an unusual motherboard with memory arrays not related to system memory, an old laptop, this caused a break in memory output because it was expecting memory arrays where non existed.

This will be fixed in 3.0.24, which is coming soon.

Also realized I can pull in L1 and L3 cache from dmidecode if root, so added that to -Cxx output as well.

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@whonix my system about? try using more words, that usually works better.

- sys info tool
- debian system maintenance tool
- graphics installer tool
- virtual machine installer and upgrader
- backup tool for sys admings, not newbies
- audio conversion tool, one format to another, I forgot to add that one

@whonix What do you mean have I ever tried you? Sorry, I don't understand.

@whonix oh, I see, it's a livecd. I download livecds to test various parts of inxi, but in general I don't really do distro testing anymore beyond what's needed to get the things working in inxi, mainly distro id and system base, tedious because I have to do it one iso at a time, which takes forever.

@smxi not live cd its a virtual system, working on Vbox,KVM,Qubes and physical isolation for non-newbies

@whonix I'll try it just to test since I am going through distros slowly, one by one, to get some empirical tests done re distro ids.

@whonix has too many hoops to jump through just to get a network connection, I can only give a specific distro a few minutes or it will take me forever to actually get isos/distros ided, sorry.

@smxi i see , thats sad but glad you know me i have existed for human internet privacy 😉 . Thank you 🌺

@whonix I got one of them working, it wasn't clear about what was needed, but there wasn't a lot to do for inxi, everything 'just works', which is good.

Thanks for working for real internet privacy, that could save some lives out there.

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