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if you like one of them, you could like others (aka self-promoting of tools for OpenBSD - all available in ports):

- sysclean : list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades (aka delete old stuff between upgrades)

- checkrestart : help to find processes that need restarting after upgrade (aka which service to restart after pkg_add -u)

- upobsd : download, verify and patch bsd.rd image (aka upgrading the system without hands)

The community here on Mastodon is huge! That's interesting :D

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Looking to do a firmware update to install the #Meltdown microcode, but don't have Windows?

On #OpenBSD: pkg_add geteltorito; geteltorito -o bios.img firmware-update.iso; then dd bios.img onto a usb stick.

New home, new inet connection finally \o/

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PS: I use both of them, one on the workstation (Gentoo) and the other one (Arch) on my little Thinkpad.

Personal opinion: and are both fantastic OS. The first one has USE, an huge features imho if you want to be the architect of your OS. The second one is simple as fuck, really, I can't use anything else and pacman it's the most well written package manager around.

Both follow the rolling-release model (an ~amd64 is basically an Arch from scratch).

At this point: I'll probably never use something different after ~10yrs of experience. Old habits never die :D

The Intel ME vulnerabilities are a big deal for some people, harmless for most.

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#Mastodon v2.1.0 is finally released!

What's in it? Here's a scoop:

โœ… Lists
โœ… Profile redirect notes
โœ… Moderator role
โœ… Moderation audit log
โœ… Invite system
๐Ÿ˜ Various fixes and improvements

Switching to the 17.0 (no-multilib) profile on my box, only 496 packages.