@gmate8 @derek YouTube is more accessible (and better) than peertube. It loads faster, less buffer, wider video quality options, native app support on several platform etc.

@trevorhicken @alexnhicken What are the benchmarks for crypto mining using M1 Macs? (Since the chip was mentioned in the article).

@metalune @ScottMortimer
This might sound strange but I store hints to my passwords, I never post passwords in password managers. So if my password is 'maxwell123' is type 'm123'

@mildbeard Have you come up with a name for it? Or am I missing something?

@LovesTha @derek No. This configure compromises unstable/slow/metered internet connections.

@weltsnake Care to share what articles and/or books you're reading?

@kira_uni45 I bet most governments in the world are already aware of Mastodon. Nothing changes if they do, this is a decentralized social media. If they ban a server, more will come. If Mastodon is completely gone, there servers will keep on running in addition to Pleroma, LIBRY and many others.

@kira_uni45 I agree with you. I think people share Twitter content because of its larger userbase. So Twitter is bound to have more and diverse content. Mastodons and any decentralized media need time to gather content.

I personally see no problem with that, we don't spend much time on Twitter, just visit the links and we're gone.
Even 4chan shares content from Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. This is normal.

Easily compatible with proprietary drivers

@ant I haven't installed Steam on Linux yet. I should though!

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