“Gas stations are not massively profitable businesses. When 10% of the vehicles on the road are electric many of them will go out of business. This will immediately make driving a gasoline powered car more inconvenient. When that happens even more gasoline car owners will be convinced to switch and so on. Rapidly a tipping point will be reached, at which point finding a convenient gas station will be nearly impossible and owning a gasoline powered car will positively suck.”

-- Geoff Ralston

@smays There are a massive amount of older cars on the road, and electric vehicles' useful lifespan is probably not as long as gas vehicles (unless they improve battery tech or come up with a better way of leasing or renting just the batteries). There may be a tipping point with regard to electric vehicles, but it may also be immediately followed by a new equilibrium in the absence of other factors.

@smays Some people have tried swap-able batteries (i.e. renting batteries and never owning them, and getting them swapped out at a station when needed), but chicken and egg problems. One recent example:

@smays If I could take my '08 Sentra to a shop and pay a few grand to have it converted to electric I'd have done that shit years ago, because #FuckOPEC.

EV's will come with #fuschia driven software tied into a central surveillance system run by #Google and their ilk


You're thinking of "Self Driving Cars" but nobody said anything about those. We're talking about Electric Vehicles which are already in wide and rapidly growing use. I have one: no Google, indeed no GAFAM. Renault Zoe: super fun car, extremely practical and cheap to run.

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