I have high hopes for Flickr under SmugMug. And they're just getting started. They ask that you link back to images on Flickr and I get that. But these are my only options for sharing?

I had to go back and edit blog posts from years ago where I linked to pictures I uploaded to Flickr that will be soon deleted or may have been already. The prior ownership had no problem letting me leave those links intact even if they didn't show up on my feed on Flickr itself. It's tempting to delete my Flickr account outright, now that D-Day (Deletion Day) is upon us.


I did that drill. A couple of times. These days I upload images and video to my WP blog on HostGator. Have to pay a bit more for storage but don't have to worry about link rot.

That's what I did for SKQ Record Quest from the beginning. The blog with the Flickr links is Quinn's Big City which hasn't seen a new post since 2013 save an announcement regarding a possible relaunch of the blog in another form. (Which I have been on the fence about for some time, BTW.)


I started with Flickr in 2005 and remain loyal. Even after suffering through the Yahoo! years. Have high hopes for the platform under SmugMug

@smays interesting. actually you are the only one i know thst is using flickr. so i woundered. cool land rover btw.

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