Have you ever seen such a car?

Usually 2+2 style cars are sports models, whereas the one pictured looks more like a compact car. The rear seats could only be usable if the roof is open.

Looks cool.

The image comes from a 1943 film.

#cars #movies



Close but not the same. Saw this at the San Diego auto museum.

@smays @fitheach What's so special about a 2CV? A former neighbour is still servicing them leenapk.nl/

I'll bet the 2CV has a classic car following, just like Minis or VW campers.


Museum? I still see people driving them. 😃

In a way they were France's answer to the Volkswagen Beetle. They were/are spartan inside by modern standards, but fairly roomy. Unlike the car from 1943 they had plenty of headroom for both front and rear passengers.

I'd say the 2CV is a design classic. In that sense it deserves its place in a museum.

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