A friend recently requested a download of his data from Apple. Took most of a week but today he got it.

“They have a lot of info on me.  Every item I purchased from Apple since 2003.  Every time I called Support.  Every time I had something repaired.  Every survey I replied to and how I answered.  Every app or song I downloaded and the IP address I downloaded it from.  Every time they sent me marketing email and if I opened it and what device I looked at it on.”

A new requirement by the EU?

The point is, I assume, not having the data but being aware Apple has it. And... and what?

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@smays GDPR says every company has to tell you what data they have, allow you to download it and you can request that it be deleted if you want. (i.e. it's YOUR data, not apple's)

@smays I'm not sure what out of that list should be surprising, those are all very basic data points that any company would have just for analytics and history purposes. I would be more curious about usage data from apps/the OS.

Agreed. I was a bit surprised to see it all listed like that. Amazon knows me far better than my wife.

@smays the Google and Facebook data dumps are pretty frightening too

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