My friend Paul restores/buys/sells vintage vehicles. His only job although he probably thinks more in terms of labor of love and works of art.

“This Russian apartment was built during Soviet times, in about 1981. Within 40 years it has of course been partially refurbished and now represents the collaboration between the interior design of the past years and some new features that were gradually added through the years.”

Not sure I can explain my fascination with this (and similar videos). I need to find some video of “typical” Russian apartments in 2022.

Getting the fuck out of Russia [POL] 

"Large numbers of Russians rushed to book one-way tickets out of the country after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of military reservists for the war in Ukraine."

I wonder what they take with them. Do they expect to return? What are they leaving behind? Are they able to withdraw money from Russian banks?

What must it be like to get up, get in your car, and leave for the closest border?

I’ve been watching the HBO series, Carnivàle. First aired (streamed?) in 2003 so nearly 20 years old but holds up well. The scene above is a great example of what I call the “after thought” shooting. A staple in action movies but not so much back then.

Is this about speed or saving your legs? And how fast would you want to go on this bike?

“The peak years of the baby boom in the US were 1957-61, when as many as 4.3 million were born each year. That massive cohort is beginning to turn 65 this year. That's driver 1 of the US labor shortage of the 2020s ... other drivers are the ravages of drugs and addiction on native-born workers, the inadequacy of childcare, and more mysterious factors that have reduced the work commitment of post-boomer cohorts.”

— David Frum

If you made me pick one author as my #1 favorite, I’d have to go with William Gibson. And his novel The Peripheral is near the top of my short list. I’m not convinced it’s possible to do justice to this story in film but I’ll be watching season one starting October 21st on Amazon Video.

Here’s Mr. Gibson reading excerpts from the book.

If you’ve posted 35 times in the past 24 hours, give some thought to signal-to-noise.

“I’m lying down on the floor until I feel better.”

— Liz Phair

Can't help but wonder at the similarity (identical?) between the zombies in 28 Days Later (2002) and World War Z (2013). Move the same, make the same noises.

Did writers and directors all get together and decide this is a zombie?

“I need your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle.”

— Terminator II

If I were young and single, this would be my pickup line of choice.

Ironically, you must listen carefully to hear how quiet it is

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After 30+ years I still marvel (not the right word) at the stillness of our home. The sound of a train in the distance. A bit of traffic noise once in a while, if you listen carefully.

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