I bought a box of little figurines that were manufactured in China. A little squirt of plastic into a mold (I assume). But did someone the have to hand paint these? How long could one do that before going insane?

Does the following from Neal Stephenson'sl, Cryptonomicon (1999) sound familiar?

"Before you leave home [...] you buy or rent a little gizmo from us. It's about the size of a paperback book and encases a thimble-sized video camera, a tiny screen, and a lot of memory chips. [...] Whenever you feel like communicating with the folks at home, you turn it on, aim the camera at yourself, and record a little video greeting card. [...] You plug the gizmo into a phone line and let it work its magic."

iPad in 2010

Sorry, that should have read bird "bath" instead of "feeder"

Dubious Distinction 

TraffickCam (2016) 

Next to a sleeping Golden Retriever, I can think of nothing more relaxing than a good fire.

Okay, a hour-long, full-body, hot oil massage.


And this from 2004:

“…the Internet has become our entire business environment, not just another medium for distribution … the franchise is not the newspaper, the broadcast station, or even the website. The franchise is the content itself. … Get ready for everything to be Googled, deep-linked, or Tivo-ized.”

— Tom Curley, President and CEO, The Associated Press, in keynote address to Online News Association Conference, Nov. 12, 2004

NFL Touchdown Choreographer 

Low-light video with iPhone 11
Fire was only light in the room.

The Kansas Audio-Reader Network is “a reading and information service for blind, visually impaired, and print disabled individuals in Kansas and western Missouri.”


I’m not a pro football fan but I love seeing fresh examples of obscene wealth. Apparently the Cleveland Browns fired their head coach but have to keep paying him. And they’ve been in this situation before. Many befores.

“Crain’s estimated that the Browns owed more than $55 million in dead salary to fired coaches from 1999 through 2012.”


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