“I wonder what it would take to spark a revolution, or a coup. The thing with history is that nothing seems likely until after it happens. So if your first reaction is to dismiss this possibility because it’s unlikely, you haven’t studied history. Everything that happens is unlikely.”

— Scott Adams (2007)

A time when radio listeners sent cards and letters.

The Wilburn Family on KBOA. Early 1950’s

Occupation: Meth Cook (POLITICS) 

St Louis Post columnist Bill McCellan:

“The Democratic Party holds no statewide offices except lame-duck auditor Nicole Galloway. In rural Missouri, it is more respectable to be a meth cook than a Democrat. Huey Long himself would likely have to change parties to get elected in bright red Missouri.”

When my dog shows up with a turtle in her mouth, I have to coax it away from her with a biscuit. I set the turtle on the ground somewhere outside of the invisible fence that surrounds our yard.

I wonder what this must be like for the turtle and does it ever find its way back to friends and family.

One of Riley’s great joys is chasing the two chipmunks that live under our deck.

She caught one —for the first time— this morning. Had it by the tail. I grabbed her collar and she dropped the terrified rodent.

I’ll hear the tiny screams in my dreams.

The 2nd booster is important…COVID 

“A report on ~30,000 Israeli HCWs indicates 65% lower risk of breakthrough infections during the Omicron wave (4 vs 3 doses)”

You can tell when someone really knows what they are doing, just by watching them do it.

Which reminds me… growing up in the 1950’s, it was very rare to see severely obese people. When I look at my photographs from this era, what you see are very lean people for the most part

John Reeder interviewing Elia Kazan on location filming A Face In the Crowd. The shoulder bag contains a “portable” reel-to-reel recorder.

Rockabilly singer Narvel Felts (and his band). Taken at radio station KBOA (Kennett,MO) probably in the late 50’s or early 60’s by station announcer/newsman, John Reeder.


Face masks prevent COVID 

“The probability of getting COVID-19 for mask wearers was 7%, for non-mask wearers, probability was 52%. The Relative Risk of getting COVID-19 for mask wearers was 0.13 (95%). Based on these results, we determined that across healthcare and community settings, those who wore masks were less likely to contact COVID-19.”


When we built our home (30+ years ago) we had to drill a well for water. It’s never been a problem, until this week. Short version: we have to have a new well drilled and, yes, it is insanely expensive.

While browsing the drilling company’s website I learned that the typical household uses 65-95 gallons of water per day, per person.

Now at the top of my People I'd Most Like to Interview is the creator of Bonus Hole.

This one is about 3 feet from the change maker ("Quarters Only") at the local laundromat.

Is it possible the same person named this game and the bean bag toss yard game called "Corn Hole?"

Tommie’s North End Cafe, Kennett MO. Met my wife (of 40+ years) there in 1972. She was 19 and home from college. Too young to buy beer but I was not. The luckiest night of my life.

Sunrise has to compete with towering oak trees but Barb got a couple of nice shots this morning of the sun coming up over the Annex.

I’ve done a little reading about Time…

…but this is my favorite time travel story…

'"Me" seems to be made up mostly of memory and imagination.'

-- Brad Warner

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