After watching the first two episodes (4 hours) of Ken Burns' new documentary, I'm a little surprised at how much country music history there was before 1948.

Many of the photos were reminiscent of the groups that performed at KBOA -- the station where my father and, later, I worked. These would have been from the late 40s and early 50s.

Universal Driving Gestures 

Universal Driving Gestures 

The Google app (iOS) purports to "customize" search, offering the option: "Not interesting in _____"

This is obviously bullshit because I've clicked this option hundreds of times with absolutely no results.

Question: why offer this 'option' if it really don't work?

"We put together a world in our mind. We carry all kinds of ideas, beliefs, notions, and prejudices -- and, for most of us, that is our reality. It's where we live. We regularly confuse what we believe with what we actually know."

-- Meditation Now or Never (Steve Hagen)

Future of America? 

Future of America? 

For better or worse, your choice of tattoo tells the world something about your decision making ability.

A question for those with a tattoo(s):

Can you think of anything in your life more permanent than the tattoo(s)?

[Yes, I know there are procedures for removing them]

Finally nailed down thesis topic 

I'm always a bit skeptical (suspicious?) when I see someone wearing a crucifix outside their shirt where the world will be sure to see it. Same for the little fish symbol on the back of the Prius.

Wouldn't the greater (more rewarding) challenge be to live your values, quietly.

10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day 

You've explained this to me before but for the life of me I can't remember...

People who have phone conversations on their phones using the speaker. Holding the phone a few inches from their mouth (rather than to their ear).

What's going on here?

“Unethical?! Jesus, Larry, don’t start pulling at that thread. Our whole world will unravel!”

— Artie (Larry Sanders Show)

"If they ever ask you to put on a pair of green tights, no matter how much they offer you, walk away. Just walk away."

-- Hank Kingsley

How many cigarettes did Matthew McConaughey smoke in True Detective? 40

As near as I can determine, McConaughey doesn't smoke. All the more remarkable. All good actors can fake laugh and pretend to smoke.

When was the last time you saw a photo of a woman sitting on a car?

The Appeal of Not 

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