"At a fundamental level, there aren’t separate “living things” and “nonliving things,” “things here on Earth” and “thinks up in the sky,” “matter” and “spirit.” There is just the basic stuff of reality, appearing to us in many different forms. […] We will ultimately understand the world as a single, unified reality, not caused or sustained or influenced by anything outside itself. That’s a big deal."

-- The Big Picture by Sean Carroll


Cellblock where Pretty Boy Floyd served time. I love the picnic table.

"It's a nice day. Let's eat outside."

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"Where Orwell worried about the burning of books, Huxley argued that the greater risk would be citizen no longer wanting to read."

-- Zucked

As I read this book I kept thinking, the people who most need to read it are the least likely to do so. Is there a term for that?

"I'm a rhinestone rock star monster of a doll."

-- Bootzilla

Apple Music had the good sense to follow this with James Brown's I Got the Fellin'

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"Technology tends to reflect the values of the people who create them."

-- ibid

"Facebook is the fourth most valuable company in America, despite being only fifteen years old, and its value stems from its mastery of surveillance and behavioral modification."

-- ibid

"Imagine a stew of unregulated capitalism, addictive technology, and authoritarian values, combined with Silicon Valley’s relentlessness and hubris, unleashed on billions of unsuspecting users."

-- Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe (Robert McNamee)

"We read for the pleasure of thinking another person’s thoughts."

-- Sam Harris

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My refrigerator circa 1975. Pretty much tells the story.

We can't 'manufacture' peak moments but we *can* recognize them when they occur.

This photo reminds me there are dogs I would much prefer to have sitting on the next stool than many humans.

I'm not really a scooter kind of guy but this one has appeal.

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