Torn apart by politics [USPOL] 

NYT piece: Families Have Been Torn Apart by Politics.

“Will relationships heal now that Mr. Trump is no longer president? Nearly everyone interviewed for this article who had experienced a falling out said they did not think so — at least not immediately. Estelle Moore, a retired flight attendant in East Stroudsburg, Pa., said it was as if we had seen things in each other that we weren’t supposed to. But now that we had, we could not un-see them.”

“He sells books he doesn't write to people who don't read.”

— Windsor Mann

The Universe knows what it’s doing. Barb hears me repeat this several times a day. I mostly find it true. My favorite cinematic example is from Shakespeare In Love.

“I was watching a PBS special about the Pilgrims,” one American said, “and they spent their entire first winter in Massachusetts before Thanksgiving just watching their family members die. They carried them out to the woods, propped them up against trees and left them there to give the illusion that the settlement was guarded. That wasn’t something we incorporated into our Thanksgiving before, but it’s never too late to start a new tradition.”

If we learned nothing else from Vietnam, we should have learned you can't defeat an army that fights in sandals.

Barb has been scratching her creative itch by making balloon…things for her nieces and nephews. And balloon bouquets (below) for a couple of friends.

Shields up! [COVID] 

I’ve long admired the face shield worn by Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. So I ordered a couple for Barb and me. I like this model because it slips onto the bill of a cap which makes it easy to wear.

More and more health care pros are recommending eye protection for indoor situations and while Barb and I have been able to avoid being indoors, a situation might come up where it’s unavoidable. We would, of course, be masked behind the shield.

We don't argue with Alzheimer's patients. [USPOL] 

As Trumpism has infected our country, I’ve struggled with how to feel about acquaintances who worship the man. Should I “unfriend” them? Pretend I don’t find their positions offensive? Feels intellectually dishonest. This morning I think I’ve found a way I can live with.

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"Any openings in South Dakota?" - USPOL 

“Secret Service agents in the president's detail are being asked whether they're interested in transferring to Palm Beach, Florida, sources have told ABC News.”

COVID deniers 

Many will die not believing. And stop believing when they die.

“They weren't loud people and didn't even sound all that angry, really. This was just the way they spoke, the verbal equivalent of their everyday china. Among company, the wife might remark that she felt a slight chill, but here that translated to "I am fucking freezing."

"Me too," her husband said. "It's cold as shit in here." Shit is the tofu of cursing and can be molded to whichever condition the speaker desires. Hot as shit. Windy as shit.”

— Best of Me (David Sedaris)

New reality TV show [COVID] 

“A tv show where the loved ones of people who died from super spreader wedding events get to confront the couple publicly and force them to witness their grief.”

-- found on bird site

Was your hard drive backed up? [COVID] 

“No, it wasn’t and it doesn’t help for you to tell me I should have. It’s too late for that now!”

People have grown weary of me urging caution regarding COVID-19. (And I’ve pretty much stopped.) If/when my friends and family get sick from the virus, I won’t be allowed to say “I told you so.” Turns out neither is of any use but it feels like I should be able to do one or the other.

I’ll wager folks who refuse masks and other precautions, never back up their computers.

Death Cult [COVID] 

The photo below was taken this morning at the Coffee Zone in Jefferson City, MO. My favorite pre-Covid hangout. Zero masks.

Our county has 5,426 confirmed cases. 88+ on Friday. 38 deaths so far and an infection rate of 7%.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 USPOL 

“I’d watch a cable channel that covered Trump and his clown minions like Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

— Joe Lockhart

Me too

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