It took me way too long to discover the setting to filter the public timelines by language. Great stuff!

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It's funny that in the current year the only way to send a video playing with subtitles to work even more or less correctly is to use a weird pirate application like streamio, instead of anything else. vlc doesn't do it, mkchromecast is so weird and has no ui that it's basically useless... So that's how it is in the foss world.

I wonder how I've never heard of worktrees before now, seems to solve some minor frictions in a pretty elegant way

How do you all manage your contacts and calendar on ? I'm looking for a convenient solution, but if possible I'd like to avoid having to self-host a website just for periodic backups or rely on google...

Anyone got some good resources to learn how to properly do and using cross-platform tools?
Would be about time to learn how to adult

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Super happy with my kinesis ! Any other users got layouts to recommend?

Been playing with as of late, realizing I always kept my default ISP-provided one.

What do you generally use, setting up your own? Is there one/some you trust? (Would be specifically interested in good and no filtering)

Almost forgot mastodon was a thing! 😱
Will now take the opportunity of a fresh OS and new schedule to get back in it

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#Netherlands has decided - no sales or use of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. It typically causes 1300 accidents that need hospital treatment and due to #covid19 hospitals should not be bothered with those avoidable cases. Good decision IMHO.

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"Implementations are easy, young man. Consensus is hard." -- George Washington, Open Source developer.

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COVID vaccine, mostly + but a few downsides and caveats 

Also note: This is based on how well it protects you from getting sick, since that is the easiest to measure. We do not yet know (but I am sure they are gathering data on this) how good it as at preventing you from having the virus inside you, that is, we don't know if it protects you from becoming an asymptomatic carrier. Vaccines are sometimes also measured at how good they are at preventing severe disease, that is, they can still be used even if the same number of people get sick, but they prevent people from needing hospitalization or dying. Chances are we will see those numbers in the coming months, as even once they start protecting doctors and nurses with it it will be until sometime in 2021 that the general public gets it.

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Just read on a thread about seniority: "The main difference between a junior and senior developer is mostly about how thick their skin is. Being able to build is one thing, but handling pressure and fixing critical prod issues while keeping a cool head is another". I like this definition, what does the fediverse think?

I don't manage to see this as either a good thing ("japan ahead of the curve on that one") or a bad thing ("so unethical!"), what does the fediverse think?

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What’s a good technology news publication without ads?

I pay Blendle for ad-free “main stream” journalism, but I feel like I’m drifting too far away from technology news.

When a technology topic comes up, I want a deeper dive into it, not a main stream summary.

Do you like Ars Technica? Techdirt? Something else with ad-free tech articles?

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@oscarhall @slothsoft No, it is not like Awesome... it is more like i3. A nice thing why I like Bspwm is the pure configurability. It is insane! Really good man-page too. Can be a bit difficult at first... but what isn't. I would not say Bspwm is for beginners but it is probably the best. You don't need to learn some strange language like Haskell or Lua either.. just simple Bash. ;)

Bspwm+Polybar ( is probably a good start. Polybar is a bit simpler than Dzen2 e.t.c..

Some very nice reminders in there, nothing revolutionary but important to be reminded of sometimes :

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