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90% of my Twitter DMs are me trying to get companies to act like they value my hard-earned money when something goes wrong. That's literally the only valuable function of Twitter in modern society: forcing companies to give you what you paid for by making them look bad.

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Bad people on Fedi 

I've had a bunch of scoffing "User safety? What could you possibly mean? It's a website, nobody can actually hurt you"-type comments flung at the admin account when explaining that some servers are suspended or limited from Scholar for user safety (among other reasons)

So here's a fairly decent place to start on learning just how absolutely shit people can be to each other on the internet


And yes, the Kiwifarms people were (probably still are) on Fedi

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with all these AI generated historical art style filters everywhere (DALL-e, Gahaku, etc), has anyone created one for socialist realism?

yeesh, I've been away from the fediverse for too long... what did I miss?

@ashfurrow I image this is related to the server upgrade? I see now that newer Mastodon versions will no longer support Keybase github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p

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did turn off verification? If so, are there any good alternatives?

hey I finally got a instance running on . It took me dropping for . For whatever reason, I could never fix the random DNS failures k3s would *always* introduce off a fresh install (seriously wtf).

That unexplained outage was related to them getting completely and thoroughly owned via SQL injection. What a 🤡 show... For a moment there I was worried might have shared the vulnerability due to their forked codebase. No, it's just a bunch of right wingers being incompetent.

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weird shower thought i just had: scooby doo taught us that the real monsters are people

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You can google any emo band from the 10's and caption it "gonna tell my kids this is chapo trap house"

Can someone sell me on ? I've been seeing it discussed here on fedi and I'm not quite sure what to think of it.

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broke: living rent free in your head

unbroke: living rent free in reality

Today, I found a spectacular recipe that really brings out all the flavors of my . It also appears to extract so my caffeine that I believe I've awakened my pineal gland.

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a poultry inspector from Chechnya arrives at a hotel in Prague 

a chicken-checkin Chechen checks in at a Czech inn

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Good morning, today we are alive, unlike Rush Limbaugh.

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in my Tolkien headcanon, the two blue wizards are exactly the Blues Brothers

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limbaugh, celebrating death 

I try REALLY hard to "be the better person", and live up to Jesus who would expect me to not celebrate the death of any person.

Fuck that. Rush Limbaugh was not a person. He was a disease, and the disease has been cured.

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