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online harassment / deplatforming 

has take a *lot* of liberties with Hello Ninja

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With the #India birdsite exodus ongoing, I thought I'd give a little shoutout to a project I'm involved with in case anyone's interested

A couple others and I are working on building an international #Buddhist #anarchist organization, kicking off with a Mastodon instance that we're hoping to open really soon. If that kind of thing interests you, lmk and I'll get you involved!

#Buddhism #anarchism :boost_ok:

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@Gargron will you accept a PR adding uwuspeak as an official language to mastodon

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If Bill Gates can't afford a Wealth Tax, maybe he shouldn't be eating so much Avacado Toast!

I need a new related project. My trash can is full of crumpled up papers so far.

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capitalism isn’t the root cause of *all* my problems, but it certainly gets in the way of all the solutions.

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runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

Fucking #Go. Would it have killed them to make a distinction between potentially-nil and known-not-nil pointers? This is exactly the sort of stupid thing that computers are good at keeping track of, and humans are not.

I also can't make an Optional type, because there's no generics.

Each little paper cut won't kill me...

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Drinking with a stiff upper lip 

To counter my moping over my disappointment, I have nothing but love for XI. I've now bought it again on the and it is glorious.

I just archived . After starting it and losing interest almost immediately several times, I've come to the realization that I will never understand how this game got so many positive reviews. It's just a bad game design by people who know nothing about open world game design.

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The thing Bangbros brings front and center yet again is that we *know* how to deal with abusers in online spaces, so that's not the problem.

The problem is that FB, Birdland, etc aren't doing shit. They aren't even trying, but want us to believe the problem is COMPLEX and HARD.

The reality is that it isn't. They just enable shitty behavior because that's what gets them paid.

We're closer to a better web than we think.

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i am not sesame book smart but i am sesame street smart

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