While Forti and its IPSEC is still in the works, I've posted short tutorial on how to get delayed hibernation working on every GNU/#Linux + SystemD based distro. sirmacik.net/delayed-hibernati

@sirmacik Curious. `find /usr/lib/systemd | grep suspend` is empty for me on Ubuntu. Nothing relevant in /etc/systemd either – and yet `systemctl suspend` works like a charm. Any ideas where else I can find these?

@tadzik what's your distro? Tbh it's possible it might not be there. Part with cp was written from memory.

@tadzik run systemctl status suspend.service

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@sirmacik aha! So for me it's systemd.target, not .service, and it's apparently in /lib/systemd, along with all the other files you mention on the blog. Thanks :)
@sirmacik Interestingly:


Consistency doesn't seem to be systemd's strong suite, unless there is more to these names than I understand :)

@tadzik ino, it still isn't :/ Additionally debian/ubuntu tend to add their own changes like changing default paths for NetworkManager plugins and so on.

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