Trying out new sway release. I have to say that running it on 4k screen is really nice. There is small issue of getting used to i3 keybindings and management philosophy. After running dwm for few years everytime I needed tiling first moments with sway were a little brutal.

Wondering what's the ETA on us having civilization-wide plague due to someone rolling out a misformatted YAML configuration file to our nanobots.

@rysiek do you know that your website is down and leads to some stinky PIT software?

Seems like GNU IceCat is the only browser left to use for personal internetz use as Mozilla makes more and more bad choices for its users privacy. Or am I missing some other good choices?

Hi, after about a year off social media it's time to try something new. Been led here in search of an old friends @rysiek and @czesiekhaker. How are ya?

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