16 hours to upgrade one legacy server with legacy services... how was your Sunday?

While Forti and its IPSEC is still in the works, I've posted short tutorial on how to get delayed hibernation working on every GNU/#Linux + SystemD based distro. sirmacik.net/delayed-hibernati

While seeking for some new AFK time, but keeping ability to read all thar "read later" hoarded material. I managed to repair my long lost tablet. Seemed completely broken, but that was nothing that some free time and good old format&reinstall won't fix. (;

Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji wystartowało z kolejną appką przeciwko , tym razem otwierając kod. Podzieliłem się swoją opinią o tym, co dla nas takie działanie MC może oznaczać i czy jest ono wystarczające. sirmacik.net/protego-czy-samo-

Got it working with libreswan and networkmanager-libreswan. Still one bug to get workaround for, but all in all it works great.

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Hey fellow workers. Is there anybody working connected from via FortiGate IPsec ? (not vpnssl).

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New video! How do I set up a fresh Manjaro installation for audio production? I've got so many requests for this one - I hope it's going to be helpful :)


#unfa #Manjaro #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction

Wondering how it works. In HO mode forced by I have/do much more work then in the office, while all around I see others (coworkers included) being able to spent much more time lurking around.

If you're into topics and have some spare time, here is whole ebook archive on history from NASA history.nasa.gov/books_sort_SP

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Looks like I need to work some more on my battle station ergonomics. On 10th day of remote work my RSI starts blocking my work again :/

Today I got stunned and really amazed by my local agency office, which started sending encrypted zips to its petitioners with a note "please call us for password". Way to go gov!

Unfortunately now ministry and schools are catching up with closed source platforms she'll have to migrate to. :/

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Shout-out to my mom, a teacher. Ahead of ministry/school recommendations she has successfully run schoolwork via meet.jit.si with over 30 and 50 of her students attending!

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The moment you successfully replace battery and jack port in your smartphone (SGS7) for the first time. Few times I thought I've broke it. After that things went smoothly. Ready to use it for few more years.

Signal on my phone has started to loose connection quite frequently. Anybody experienced similar issues? Rest of the phone has internet access, desktop client works.

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