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Former #Yahoo employee admits #hacking into over 6000 users' accounts, mostly of younger women, to find sexual images & videos. He then also hacked into their #icloud, #Gmail, #Facebook & other email-connected accounts in search of more private content.

So i just switched back disks in my x200 to Guix which in the end works *much* more stable than arch :o
Also, I can use next browser there, which wouldn't compile for the world on arch.

hm, so from my local I've just trumped through two servers, than sudoed and successfully run updates on database through sql-mode.

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@sirmacik at least on linux they "merely" add you a cron.daily updater :>

I've always thought of Chrome as a malware disguised as a browser, but looks like Google's camouflage has failed

I feel a longer note comming about how with eshell and tramp can really improve one's workflow. Learning curve was steep, but I can really tell the difference.

Some time ago I wondered why I like to work in ACME so much, and switched to its colors in Emacs, sway, alacritty. Finally I've got the answer. (search for "color")

Protip: if you have many inboxes to check (10 in my case) with offlineimap it's better to use `-1` flag so it won't run checks simultaneously. It tends to fail very often, especially when you get passwords via password-store.

Dear of mastodon. What are your recommendations for client-side rendering js framework? After trying out many available options I feel more like sticking to jQuery for that task...

I find it outrageous that the only "official" way to follow is via twitter. Not even an rss feed aside from external, synced source NVD.

So three weeks ago I gladly bought book bundle from . But the number of really not interesting messages and promotions I receive from them since makes me regret that purchase .

Being DevOps doesn't feel so bad when you realize that you get to celebrate both SysAdmin and Programmers day

Guix pro-tip. One should really start using more emacs wand guix mode as it offers much more documentation than official website and really streamlines configuration.

Dear how do you automate? What do you use? I myself have a love/hate relationship with ansible and still like to rely on Makefiles better.

Argh, I finally had planned everything to the last detail so I'll have the time to install guix again during some free time at work and than I forgot my spare drive to make it so... damn :/

Finally to managed to arrange somewhat minimalist working desk for myself at home. It took years to remove that whole bloat I thought I can't do without...

And after a day of usage I switched back to sway. Thankfully I currently don't have any work requiring calibrated screen (no ICC support on Wayland part yet)

Finally got my xmonad + xfce setup working. It turned out to be a little troublesome with xfce 4.14. Protip: go with xfce.config library defaults as much as you can and run xmonad with few seconds of delay. otherwise it's gonna ignore xfce-panel

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