Do you have it too?

When I use chromium or fennec on android, do a google search and click on a link it gives me address and it seems almost impossible to get to original website without manual URL bar edit.

WTF Google. I hate you.

It's like EU just can't decide if they're one of the good guy's when it comes to internet neutrality and privacy protection or just blindly go in America's footsteps and get it self another NSA...

And I very much liked being client of OVH for so many years >:

Now they too are honoring takedown requests:

For quite some time I wanted to close my GH account. Reuploading yt-dl tomorrow.

> GitHub Warns Users Reposting YouTube-DL They Could Be Banned * TorrentFreak

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DRM is evil. If someone won't sell you DRM free media on your terms, pirate it. RESIST.

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@pluralistic Attack Surface is a great book and one of the best reads I've ever head. Thank you for writing it! (:

If you needed any more proof that decentralization of the internetz is one of the most important issues of today:

RIAA forced GH/MS to takedown youtube-dl

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so given Google's latest privacy invasion, what happens if I start (explicitly) copyrighting every email, and including a link in them to the license statement?

(I assume I get blocked by gmail, which would be pretty keen.)

@pluralistic hi, I just got an email reminding me to grab my kickstarter reward, but I've already claimed it. After clicking the link I think I can claim it or other rewards of similar value again which seems like a bug of some kind.

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A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

Funny thing is that over the ages not much has changed. Nowadays we've just changed materials and added some electrical machinery to the mix.

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One of the best things to see today: an animation of how the bridges in middle-ages were built

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This is the most #Russian thing I have heard of this week. Perhaps even this month.

> Russian cosmonauts trace air leak aboard orbital outpost with tea bag
> The tea bag’s sway in zero gravity conditions towards the air leak was registered by cameras

Difficult/dangerous issue? ✅
Space exploration involved? ✅
Simple, effective solution? ✅ ✅
Tea involved? ✅ ✅

(two check marks for 🍵 because you can bet your бабушка they had celebratory tea afterwards)

Besides fighting such laws other option might be to create some phony logs generator so you have them for authorities and still protect your users.

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I really don't like where this is going. Look's like we're already living in a world of mandatory surveillance even in EU

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this is best virtual conference interface ... also free software I believe

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