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For each 100 people telling us to "just install more solar panels", only 1 person will consider ways to reduce power usage.

I think that's reflective of our times..

@TheGibson would you find a place for me at Im looking for a new instance and community there looks great

Finished my first production deployment on new gig. Nothing blew up, so hopefully that's a good sign (:

Banning smartphones from schools is something we should get everywhere. +1 for China.

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I managed to run on GNU/Linux. Took some time and problem solving but all in all it runs really well. Even on mid details and settings game looks and works much better than on ps4. Had much fun playing today.

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They're literally selling the antichrist as a book. Clever!

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Rewatching Johnny Mnemonic and realising it's set a week from now and accurately predicts that it's faster to securely send 360GiB of data by getting on a plane than over commercial internet between Newark and Beijing 🤯

With very uncertain future today feels mostly like last day on my current gig. :/ If you have some work for (remote) sysadmin/programmer (devops?) with strong bare-metal or virtualization experience, please give me a nudge or send the word. There's new gun for hire on the market.

So returning went unexpectedly. Return was no problem. But amount of emotional talk between other customers doing the same and others trying to persuade us not to return it was really something. Guys at the store played it too. We've discussed the game, what we liked about it. CDP and it's politics. It's really hot topic here in Poland.

So that's it for CP77. I honestly can't remember being this sad about a gam, ever. Story got me hooked, but lust patch rendered the game literally unplayable. Wanted to wait, give CDP a chance but they've made it worse and it's the last day to return physical copies to the store. :(

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Like #cyberpunk but don't got 60 bucks? Wanna support indiedevs that don't crunch workers and exploit marginalized communities? Neofeud is 70% off ($4.50)!
"Secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam."
--Steam Reviewer

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@jens I really hope Rick will publish more in theme. I'm hooked from the first chapters of "The Zero Signal"!

CP77 day two. Latest patch fixed crashes and I'm hooked on the story but... Physics bugs and invisible opponents are quite frequent and I'm still on the first tasks from the main quest. Even my non-gamer fiancée asked how could someone released such a buggy title.

Got many side quests but the game isn't encouraging me to do them. In fact it's barely giving me the time to even explore the night city.

Can't wait to meet Johnny Silverhand. Switched dubbing to English for that occasion.

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More to come over the weekend. I'm excited about it but haven't yet had the chance to spend some proper time with the game.

Ps. I hate that this game takes up almost all of my beloved cyberpunk hashtag, so I intentionally won't tag this and related toots.


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Got my hands on Cyberpunk 2077 on ps4. During the night I've downloaded 47G of first day patch and there went my data packet for December.

Starting out as a punk. So far experience is quite nice but I'm having trouble figuring out controls during tutorial missions. Also it crashed on me once during prologue. :/


Does anybody know of tool similar to nitter but for facebook pages?

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