That moment users finally realize the hard way, that paying for license doesn't mean owning the software.

After another day of work using GNU Guix System I have almost daily driver ready OS. Only blocker is nasty bug with ghostscript/printing which causes me trouble in my graphics work that I need to get done.

So my first steps with GNU Guix System were a bit shaky, but I've finally got a hang of it and now I want to run it everywhere. This project has excellent documentation and my protip is that one should really commit himself (one afternoon will suffice) to read it before running install.

Morning well spent. I've replaced intel card in my x220 with Atheros one, so I'm ready to migrate to guix on libre kernel later today (:

There are many reports that for many even new Firefox release haven't fixed addons issue. How about global same time next year?

Until yesterday there was IceCat instead of Firefox but shit happened and I needed to do quick fresh debian install so haven't had any time to set it up.

So my web browsing workflow goes like this: Tor Browser for normal websurfing, Firefox with security addons like NoScript/uBlock/PrivacyBadger for everytime I need to login with my true identity, Firejailed Firefox (fresh profile on every run) for online banking and those times when I just need website to work (plus webdevelopment). What is yours?

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TIL: #bash provides pseudo devices for TCP and UDP connections:

echo "hello" > /dev/udp/


exec 5<>/dev/tcp/
echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.0\n" >&5
cat <&5

I'm baffled how I've never discovered that until today.

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"Riot Games employees are preparing for a walkout this afternoon... employees reported a culture of widespread and endemic sexism at the company... the first walkout at a major gaming studio."

DO IT! AAA, the corporate game industry is overflowing w/ shitheadery, exploitation of workers. It's the central pillar where Steve Bannon launched the fascist international movement through gamergate, pushing game culture toward the far-right

This is a critical anti-fash push.

Anyone knows what's the status of neo900 or about some smartphones like it? Unfortunately neo900 website looks dead.

So yesterday events left my tor browser both on mobile and on the desktop broken. Extensions got disabled and I'm not able to reinstall them. Download is always corrupted.

Looking at the press Firefox is getting today, even on more mainstream blogs... it'll be very hard to pitch it to anyone again. Powerusers might forgive but regulars won't

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Well apparently they've rolled out the patch via normandy:

Good on them to remind me to sanitize that attack surface ^_^

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Today's reminder that security and crypto will, by design, reduce reliability and cause breakage and extra work, was brought to you by Mozilla Firefox and code signing. 🤪

This is the expected outcome, folks!

(The reason I point this out is not to deny the need for security, but to point out that security has real costs and should be weighed accordingly.)

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@rysiek @sirmacik Looking at the bug tracker, it seems exactly the same thing happened to them three years ago, when that intermediate certificate expired the last time...

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firefox bug, how to manually enable your plugins Show more

In other news: Oracle after years of running open source projects still haven't learned a thing.
Negotiations Failed: How Oracle killed Java EE. | Head Crashing Informatics

The important thing is it took for example noscript for every user... be it tor browser, be it mobile device

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