Caffe distribution changes a bit, it will now be distributed in 3 channels: stable, unstable, edge.

Stable is what Bottles will pick by default and is the most tested and know working. Edge is updated to the latest version of Wine.
Unstable are all the other versions in between.

During Season of KDE, people get started in contributing to Free Software. Check out the projects that brought together new members and veteran KDE mentors this year to make everybody's lives better.

Did you ever dream about an extra, not planned, release of Bottles?
Well... your dream comes true! Today is release day again! 🥳
We addressed the great feedback of the GNOME Circle Team and 2022.5.2 has born. Read about it at
Do you like it?

I spent the last couple of days working on a library to store your secrets safely using either the Secret Service or the file backend (backed by the secrets portal, compatible with libsecret):

Huge thanks to Sophie for implementing the file backend format, @maximiliano for handling the encrypted sessions.

There will be two BoF sessions at LAS this weekend that are Flatpak related: one for Flatpak and one for XDG Portals. Please join and bring constructive ideas!

A BoF is a space where people with a common interest can collaborate, it stands for Birds of a Feather.


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