I mean obviously the political situation in UK and US had never been worse, but my hope is this is a last reactionary gasp which motivates better people to correct it

‪People who see *everything* through a zero sum business lens are some of the most dull and depressing people to be around‬. I’m at that age where I guess I’m supposed to start thinking like that, but if anything I’m heading in the opposite direction. Here’s to irrational optimism! 🌈🌟

I skipped Alan Wake when it was originally released, can’t remember why now. Was prompted to pick it up recently by the thought of maybe never being able to play it, since it was to be removed from online stores due to music license expiration. Its great!

Some aspects show their age now but the lighting and effects have dated really well, and it’s a genuinely fun story. Great work Remedy, sorry it took me so long.

I work side by side with Yuriy, and issues as obscure as this one pop up at least once a month. It's amazing computers work at all, honestly.


I keep expecting Windows apps to automatically open the files I had open last time automatically like is normal on Mac 😞

Writing a regular sentence that happened to end in "break". My fingers automatically added a ';' instead of a '.' before I realised 😆

I don't use full fat Visual Studio very often any more, but every time I do I'm amazed how MS seem to be undermining their own product with what IMO is a much more usable one i.e. VSCode.

While VSCode feels light & snappy, VS sits there chewing 35% of my CPU for seemingly no reason, while missing all the keyboard-driven loveliness VSCode has going.

I hope they never realise this or they'll probably stop investing in VSCode...

My initial impressions of the Mastodon community are very positive! You're nice people.

I've kept quiet on Twitter about my game dev progress, because I'm quite self conscious about not being as good at it as people might expect I should be (with an engine background), but also because I'm in no rush. I've only shared with a little Slack group of local friends so far.

I feel like Mastodon could be the next step for me in a tentative process 🙃

We owe it to one another to Make Things that we love.

We owe it to ourselves.

Release your bad art, so that other people will be less afraid of releasing their bad art.

I was pleasantly surprised by Into The Badlands but Nick Frost turning up in season 2 has pushed it to next level

It's that time of year when the Thai basil on our window sill is in full production, which means regularly making one of my favourite dishes (pad kaprao)

I just accidentally typed


This seems appropriate given how many of them are hammering on the door of my codebase mastodon.technology/media/7QP5

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Although I retired from the highly demanding job of leading a large open source project years ago, I still publish open source bits and bobs sometimes, you can find them all at github.com/sinbad

As a bit of background for those who haven't checked my profile, I previously created Ogre3D and SourceTree, and now I'm trying to figure out how to be a game developer.

While I have a lot of background in making the 3D guts of other people's games work, I'm discovering just how much there is to it 😄 On that basis I'm using other people's engines now: stevestreeting.com/2016/09/16/

Well hello, Mastodon folks. I'm dipping my toe here as a developer, fan of tech, and supporter of decentralised systems and community moderation.

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