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For some reason I've never watched Seinfeld until now. I'm really enjoying it.

After, and before. Turns out that a hydroponic actually needs water.

Two plants of basil go through more than 1.5 liters of water in a week (we were out of town)

I have been trying to force my android phone to stay connected to a wifi network that has no internet. Why? A local wireless area network doesn't have to be about getting online. There are other use cases. But a spy device needs to call home, and being on a wifi network, but not reaching the internet, must be akin to physical pain for a google device. Unbelievable.

🎵 Uptime girl
She's been living in her uptime world
I bet she's never had a backend guy
I bet her momma never told her why 🎵

Ah yes, the five genders.
Horse, pony, gents, ladies, unspecified.

After about 1 year of longish hair, I still have not learned how to wear and remove a headband.
I broked 2 in 3 days.

So DHL needs to deliver a package for which I have to sign. To protect the drivers from Coronavirus (!) they don't even attempt the delivery, it goes directly to the post office.
So, I have to go there (tomorrow, even if the package was supposed to come today) and queue with other people for entire minutes, to protect the driver from a series of 15 seconds exposures.

I wanted to try some VR stuff. Just because. I think it's not something worth buying so I used a discount to rent an Oculus Quest 2 for 3 months. It's not here yet, but I thought I would get ahead and create an account for it. I only have a fake facebook account (Oculus belongs to FB and of course that's what they want)'s not working. Not sending verification emails, kicking me out randomly...
I wonder how many fraud detection systems I'm tripping. Fuck facebook, really.

I remember the first 8bit trip on YouTube, it was the first video that I saw that was full HD, 1080p - it was amazing

But after 12 years, actually two month ago - Rymdreglage released 8Bit Trip 2!!!!

Holy shit, that is all I can say.

It was worth the weight ;)))))))

It took me 27 years but I finally watched Forrest Gump.
I liked it a lot.

If your application ever prints any piece of information that is case sensitive, while altering its case, you deserve to GO TO HELL.
No salvation. No repentance. GoToHeLl

Here we come to a turning of the season
Witness to the arc towards the sun
The neighbor's blessed burden within reason
Becomes a burden borne of all and one

In response to the whistleblower's testimony, Slate Future Tense has an article by Louis Barclay describing his misadventures with a Facebook add-on he created called "Unfollow Everything" - a tool that helped people use Facebook less and enjoy it more.


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E pure stavolta constatiamo che mentre il moloch centralizzato di Zuckerberg crolla tutt'assieme, Mastodon e tutte le altre reti federate stan su che è una meraviglia grazie alla loro struttura non basata su un unico centro di comando globale. :amaze:

#facebookdown #whatsappdown #instagramdown

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