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Fast forward 1.5 years. I routinely say Corona.
Language is a living beast.

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Apparently the weather cannot do anything between 30 degrees and 18 degrees.

This was the worst summer, weather-wise, we had in forever.
It's affecting my mood. It's 1800 and it's so dark we need lights on.

The final boss in is REALLY hard. Like, impossibly hard compared to the rest of the game.

My holidays are coming up and I am really longing for them.
However, I'm getting married. And as much as we tried to keep the thing small and uncomplicated, I am still afraid it will be more stressful than working 😅

For the past month it rained almost every day. The maximum temperature today was 16°C.

I've never missed summer so much. It's affecting my mood and my energy. Allergy symptoms feel like a cold, because of the context.

I hate it.

I very rarely watch YouTube videos on the TV, so I don't notice the advertisements (skipped on mobile and desktop through different ways).
It's so much!

Regardless of whether Apple bows down to pressure on this, it shows you how they think. It’s their phone, not yours. Tim Apple is your daddy and as long as you live under his roof, you live under his rules. And he’s just made it clear he can enter your room whenever he likes and search your drawers. Might be time to think about moving out.

Problem is, where do you go? Do you move in with creepy uncle Google next door? No, he’s even worse.

And your banking app only works on iOS and Android…

What a race on today. That's the best competition in motorsports.
I felt pain for Sam Bird. So close to scoring points and keeping the head of the championship.

Units of measurement are important.
I used terraform to provision 30000 "??" of storage.

I meant MB.
AWS meant GB.

I noticed almost 3 days later.

Now I'm begging support to "drop the charges".
And I go into the weekend feeling like a dillweed.

As someone in my discord server said - “the best way to make politicians anti-facial recognition might be to use it on them”.

Every year my neighbors' roses grow over their fucking movement sensor for their garage light. Right when it's too hot to close the window. And I get a strobe light shining in my bedroom when it's slightly windy.


We complain. They cut the rose.
Next year, we do the dance again.

I can use a sleep mask but what the fuck.

Well, I do. I had to install Powershell in a Windows 10 Virtualbox because Powershell for Linux and Powershell for Macos were not able to log in.


Way to finish the week.

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I never had a "classic" IT job, but in a small startup the sysop/devops/tech person ends up being that too.

And this led me to learn about the existence of "Powershell online" or something like that, that requires to have a windows machine to do command line based configuration of office365.
Every time I feel that Microsoft has hopes to be decent, I get proved wrong.


"This is a food bank now": Workers seized a McDonald’s in France


This + some other custom changes for the internal keyboard to make it closer to an ISO keyboard.

I'd like to be one of those people that can live well with stock configurations, but hey, I work with this stuff. I will customize it until I'm happy.

EM: München will Stadion bei Spiel gegen Ungarn in Regenbogenfarben

Alle Fraktionen im Münchner Stadtrat sind sich einig: Das Stadion soll beim EM-Spiel gegen Ungarn in Regenbogenfarben leuchten.

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