is almost magic.
I had my own wireguard VPN in place, but since I moved I lost my public IPv4.
Tailscale was super easy to set up. I had used for work and it's similar, and also easy but...this is SO easy!

So. Setting up a new NAS at home. JBOD attached via USB (yes, that's the way it is, sorry).

I'm leaning towards ZFS, because I used it on FreeBSD for work and it was nice and easy. The rest, I'd have to learn more.

That is my bias, but for sake of argument....

I think I picked the new neighborhood well. It's. Lovely to be able to reach this park with a short walk.

@musicmatze Interestingly, another contact that migrated to fosstodon was not automatically followed by me. You ( @musicmatze ) did.
Let's see what happens with me (when I get around to do it) and with others.

@musicmatze I guess their instance needs to be notified. And it wouldn't surprise me if ~1/6 of your followers came from small instances that disappeared over the years. I guess it's a side effect of the nature of the fediverse.
I'll migrate out of m.t. In the next few days (Fosstodon also a big candidate, though I'm already on and might make that my main) and compare numbers. My follower count is smaller, let's see if the proportion is similar.

At a funeral...
Me: "Do you mind if I say a word?"
Widow: "Please do."
Me: *clears throat* "Plethora."
Widow: "Thank you. That means a lot."

@Ertain @fool it should happen automatically, right?
I've received a follow notification from someone I followed here, and I'm already following them in their new location.

I have sad news: will be shutting down by the end of 2022. Access will be restricted no earlier than December 1.

More details here:

I encourage you to export your data and migrate to a new server as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me as their admin. This was a difficult decision. I wish I could continue, but I can't.

@ashfurrow this is instance was my first introduction to the fediverse and I don't think I could have found a better one. I'm sorry for your situation and I completely understand. This is not a job and you're doing the right thing prioritizing family.
We're all gonna land somewhere else, don't worry.
And THANK YOU for your effort in the past few years!

re: sleep... 

@stella yes, micro usb. Which means I have an extra cable on my nightstand just for that 😒
But I assume there might be some new ones with USB C.

re: sleep... 

@stella me too. That's why I have that headband. The headphones are quite flat and embedded in the fabric. You rarely notice them on the ears.
Sorry for the Amazon EU link, it's just to describe better what I mean.


@stella I realize it's not exactly what you imagined, but the gist is: find something you like and decide that sleep is the only context in which you consume that music.
The dedicated headphones make it kind of a ritual, which might help, but YMMV.


@stella what does it for me (but it's not guaranteed to make me sleep, it's simply something I dedicated to that purpose) is a specific genre of music.
In my case, some dreamwave/synthwave that I almost exclusively listen to when I either want to sleep or relax without any other activity involved (no reading, no videogames, etc). If I'm bored of it, the Drone Zone channel on SomaFM is a backup.
I have a headband with a Bluetooth headset. I wear that, lower it on eyes, play.

MH, lack of sleep 

I could not sleep last night. First night after finishing a book about sleeping and how important it is, LOL.
I can totally see how sleep deprivation affects my mood and my decision making abilities.
Right now, I'm fucking annoyed at something and want to quit 100% of my involvement in a specific part of my life.
I have enough self awareness to know it's not necessarily a fully rational decision, so I will sit on my fucking hands for another day before rushing into anything.

@elias and it arrived DOA. Not even powering up. My storage situation is cursed.

Found the issue re: QNAP not working on the IP range of my new network.
It apparently had some ACL allowing only private ranges, but *not* the one I use locally (172.16.XXX.XXX/24).
For some reason, it had only 172.31, which I never used. It was either a default, or something set by docker.
Whatever, I hate that I have to click around an incredibly slow UI to figure out this stuff. This NAS is history.

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@OrNot stecchino, stagnola e magia.
Non c'è altra spiegazione.
La colla è solo un catalizzatore.

@xpil oh you mentioned two laptops. If you're not using the laptop displays and only use a single external screen for both, yes, barrier won't be useful. I never thought about it. I guess I haven't had a single monitor in years 😅

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