I think I picked the new neighborhood well. It's. Lovely to be able to reach this park with a short walk.

Running a portable AC for 1.5 hours consumes the same energy I needed to replenish my scooter battery after driving 25 km yesterday.

It says a lot more about the scooter than the AC.

If only Android had a generic, target agnostic share functionality, the poor folks at Spotify would not have had to pick only WhatsApp and Twitter as share destinations... If only.

Every major technology company is actively creating user hostile UIs these days.

Heardle spotify rant 

Well, go to hell, spotify.
has been acquired and broken.
Why does everything has to be a business? Why can't we play a fucking game and leave it at that?

This is my favorite spot and I don't come here often enough. I'll be deliberately a little late for work today. I need this.

is a fun game, but it has a binary outcome for me.
I either know the song, and my brain locks on it in less than a second, or I never heard it, and I might as well hear it all for all the good it will do. I won't be able to guess it.

Today my home office (unused since weeks because of the temperature) reached 33° Celsius.
The livingroom flirted with 30. The portable AC is helping a bit, who knows at what environmental cost.

I think about this while reading "The Ministry for the Future" and it's quite unsettling.
Heatwaves might switch from inconvenience to deadly events very fast. Maybe not here... But still.

Waiting for TMFTF (book) to become a bit hopeful. 20% in, and it is only fueling my anxiety.

On nixos I brought up k3s in 10 seconds on the weekend, here I'm sitting for 20 minutes waiting for stupid Docker Desktop to bring up some weird local kubernetes.
This might not be only due to the platform I'm on, but it's another hoop I have to jump through to set up some experimentation workflow locally. This is holding me back. I'll set up a VM somewhere (my personal laptop is at home and I am not).
I'll try to be Linux only next week.

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Shitpost AWS 

I didn't know AWS Jacuzzi launched in eu-central-1

It's that time of the year again! Despite perfectly lovely temperatures outside, to be able to work in my home office, I need to turn on a portable AC.
Starting next week I will go to work in the company office for the next few months, pandemic allowing.

Perfect run on so far...but tomorrow I will break the streak for sure.

The mix of rising difficulty + working day is always what kills me

After, and before. Turns out that a hydroponic actually needs water.

Two plants of basil go through more than 1.5 liters of water in a week (we were out of town)

Ah yes, the five genders.
Horse, pony, gents, ladies, unspecified.

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