sometimes has a weird glitch where, on opening, the second (or so) toot in a screen disappears while I look at it. And in case it's something interesting, it's really hard to figure out where it went.
I didn't find an issue on github about this, but maybe I'm using the wrong keywords
@ConnyDuck, is it something that you are aware of or should I open an issue?
It's been like that for months, I can live with it. But I thought you'd like to know.

@signaleleven Yes I'm aware if it and I'm currently rewriting the whole logic around that to fix it and other timeline bugs

@ConnyDuck I wanted to upload a video and I forgot. But now I noticed it fails at the end of the upload. It might be due to my instance though.
But if you know what I'm talking about, it's not necessary. Thanks for Tusky!

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