Silly family "drama" 

My family is driving me up the wall with questions about my wedding.
Our idea was to walk in the town hall, sign, go have lunch.
Now it's a 3 part ceremony for which we're reminded we still have not finalized our choice of readings and music.

They are organizing a ceremony for themselves, not for us. I'm trying my best not to be impolite, but they are manufacturing problems and asking for solutions.

And a part of me is feeling guilty that I am not thankful enough.

Silly family "drama" 

@signaleleven that's the reason, we decided to organize everything ourselves. No 'help' from outside.

And afterwards everyone thought, it was one of the best weddings they ever have been to.

(We got married in the evening at 8 pm and only had a little picnic for 2 hours afterwards, then a little party with lunch and cake in the afternoon the next day. By 6 o'clock everybody was on their way home and they loved it)

Silly family "drama" 

@vvv yeah. The problem is that we thought our best bet to keep it small was to sync it with a visit of my inlaws to my hometown (600 km away, in a different country).
While it did minimized the influx of relatives from this side of the alps, it required to give free reign to my parents to organize things on that side.
But yeah, we'll survive.

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