So, yeah, I read about , I read the nix pills, I played with in a VM... I would try to use it for a bit.

Oh hey, quick idea, let's look at a real-life derivation from a real package in nixpkg...

*Stares in WTF*

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@signaleleven which package did you look at?

I packaged a custom kernel.

Look at the arch package. What a mess!

I actually never read nix pills and i don't think a user or even package maintainer should have to read it. It goes very deep.

I just learned from examples and i happen to maintain 26 packages and now after creating a team to maintain the pantheon desktop i maintain 117 packages, without fully understanding the nix lang.

@davidak I browsed a few packages, I don't have the knowledge to judge if they were good or bad. It's just that reading the basic of Nix for a day is not enough to understand how things are done in the wild. It's my limitation, not any fault of Nix. And I have never looked at other packages systems in detail so I cannot compare.
I still like Nix a lot!

@signaleleven yeah, the learning curve is steep and the resources and documentation is not perfect yet. it might take weeks or months to feel comfortable. but it pays out in the end

it might help if you know a functional language. i don't, so the language feel kind of strange

others stated that the data structure is quiet simple like json, but the syntax is quiet different

feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something, here, in chat or forum

@signaleleven I'm currently reading about home-manger and using OS as a daily driver and every they is WTF day. Documentation somehow assumes that you know everything about OS and same goes for bloggers. Setting up Gentoo is way easier than using Nix

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