Hello all,
I'm Alex, AKA Steak (and stylized as 5tr34k_).
@codewiz brought me here and I am still exploring what this is all about.

Quick facts about me:
- IT solution architect by day
- 3D designer and printer by night
- I ride a motorcycle
- I enjoy scale modelling
- In my previous life I was a musician
- general nerd/geek for all things tech/science
- board game and RPG geek
- old school trekkie
- it/en/de spoken (un peu de fr aussi)

I'll put this blurb in my profile too :D



@5tr34k_ @codewiz
Welcome! My timeline is getting quieter, I will follow happily on the basis of your introduction :)

Why the R in the stylized name?
I read it as Streak, not Steak.

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