Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

I grew up on dialup. 1200bps, max. I remember what it was like to get anything done at that speed, and now that it's no longer a thing I wouldn't inflict it upon anyone. That's why I try to keep my stuff as lightweight as possible, with as few deps as possible.

Treat others as you'd want to be treated, right?

A couple of years back I went to an HTML5 meetup and hung out with a bunch of web developers. I suck at web design (so much so that I didn't bother to try to write a new theme for my website, I used one that someone else made and tweaked it a little). One of the webdevs noticed that I use a couple of adblockers and yelled at me for taking money out of his mouth. That one cannot eat money, and that he gets paid a (much larger) salary (than I do) is beside the point.

So I put my laptop on the local network (Windbringer had been tethered to my mobile - OPSEC, ya' know) and asked him for the URL of the website he works on. He gave it to me. I opened it in a bare Firefox profile (no addons, no config tweaks, new right out of the box). His precious website loaded fully after just under three minutes.

Then, to make things fair, I rebooted Windbringer, got back on the local wireless, and opened it in my usual Firefox profile, with all the adblockers turned on. His website loaded in about five seconds.

"Your website loads so much tracking garbage up front that your page won't load in less than three minutes. I don't have time for that." And I left.

Unsurprisingly, I haven't been invited back, but my point stands - too much crap means your page won't load in a reasonable period of time.

@drwho I see http as a fundamentally pull protocol, not a push one. If I'm visiting a website in a client that doesn't support images, I'm not blocking images, I'm simply not requesting them, same with all the tracking garbage. It's a misnomer to call it "blocking", I'm just not asking for them. To pretend that that's some kind of hackery and breaking the website, is disingenuous at best, as there's nothing in the way that the web works that requires websites to be packaged in a certain way.

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