Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

So there was a service before the Pride, it was done by "Old Catholic" denomination (this one: unitedecc.org/).

So obviously this resembled Catholic mass (this wasn't a mass but rather ecumenical service open to all religions).

Long story short when the Bishop asked: "Any priest would come forward", and pastafarian priest in collander came forward, and was helping with the ceremony.


Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

Photo leaked, clergy went nuts. Right wing (we don't have left wing in the parlaiment) went nuts, legal threats were fired.

And I think: How a person from not legalized denomination (the bishop) should deny service of a person from another not legalized denomination (the Pastafarian one).

Also being an non-legal bishop is kinda cool.



Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

@jacek the concept of "legalized denomination" is interesting.

Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

I think it's present in most countries. So basically church needs to fill some paperwork and then they have tax free status, and some other benefits.

Also performing rituals is always legal irregardless of status of the church.

In there is ongoing legal battle to legalise Flying Spagetti Monster Church. It turns out that other, more typical churches also had some problems.

Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

@jacek yeah it's the same in both countries where I lived. I still find it peculiar, that you can believe in something magical and having the state recognized, or something else, equally magical, and having the state not recognizing you. Not all magic is created equal.

Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

Well I do think that religion should not get any benefits over other non governmental institutions, and possibly big religions (in Poland Catholic Church) should loose tax exempt status altogether, as they are abusing it by e.g. building sky scrapers thar are leased. Also they are biggest private land owner and don't pay a dime of taxes on that.

But the fight will take years.

Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

The churches in Germany are hemorrhaging members like never before. The fight here might take years as you say, but it might be a patient wait, more than a fight.
It's easier to remove resources (tax money, donations, both things that shrink with a shrinking member base) than remove benefits.
Make them irrelevant.

Warsaw Pride, alleged blasphemy 

@signaleleven I hope you are right, however in Poland Church that they could still live and harm people, even if they stopped taking any money (remember biggest private land owner --- also some land they own is in the strictest city centres so almost priceless).

They did sold land worth 4 mln PLN for 0.7 mln PLN to the current prime minister (also this land was given to the Church for free).

Undoubtedly church will fall, but it will fall in Poland last. Sadly

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