I just wanted to use terraform to modify an IAM role, and now I am on my way to the zoo to find a yak to shave.

I'm surprised they didn't reference the time when Picard met with one of the founding members of the Zhat Vash

What's nice to see in New York, besides the usual stuff? Visiting with a friend who's there for the first time, but I've been there before more than once.

Somehow I lived 34 years without ever watching pippi longstockings. I knew about the series/movies/books, but never saw any.

I find her super annoying.

My name is John
You killed my name
Prepare to be a messenger for something else.


Rewatching "The measure of a man" (guess why). Having Crd. Maddox switching pronouns for Data after the verdict is such a perfect scene.

He is remarkable.

I'm gonna say what I think of Star Trek when I watch the second episode. I enjoyed the teasing and the 44 minutes extended trailer that was the first episode :) . So glad to see Jean-luc though. My high hopes are still there.

Installed Google Hangouts.
This notification popped up. 303 days.

"sorry, I was in the shower" won't cut it, right?

It's fun how there are so many jokes going around about the year 2020. Hindsight is 20-20, haha.

The sad reality is that the probability for any of us to survive until the next funny year are way less than 5050.

Tusker (my iOS app for Mastodon) is going to need an app icon soon. I can make something crappy to use in the short term, but in the slightly longer term I'd like to commission. someone to make a nice one. So, if you are or know an artist who does app icons and are open for commissions, please let me know!

(boosts appreciated)

The amount of name calling and infighting I read among US Dem supporters is dwarfing the infighting of the left in Europe.
Get it together people. The candidates are different. Campaign for your favorite. But take it down a notch. The world doesn't need any more polarisation.

Star wars spoilers. 

'Elon musk' giving away bitcoins on twitter is the Nigerian prince of the '20s.

It took me more than it should to disconnect from work after leaving for the holidays (kept connecting to work, answering questions on IM, killing one-last-ticket-so-I-have-a-fresh-start). And I was on call so I kept my brain on that for a while. Then I disconnected. Then I got a cold and I disconnected even more. Now I'm back in the office and I am tired and I don't really know what I am supposed to work on.

Read this Guardian piece.


It seems increasingly obvious to me that mainstream social media has failed us. It's being weaponized by propagandists in the same way Goebbels used the new medium of radio to manipulate the German populace. You could say the same thing for mainstream media like the 24-hour news channels.

Fleeing to the suburbs of Mastodon and small forums like twit.community seems like burying one's head in the sand, but what else can one do?

I give zero fucks about the golden globe but somebody spent money to put an ad in front o my face that I am not allowed to see.

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