Boah the fediverse is full of purism. It's exhausting sometimes to read how nothing is good.
You stay woke, I'll take a social media break.

DevOps rule #1:

You are your own worst enemy. You will find things wrong, broken, or malfunctioning, and find out you're the one who broke it in the first place.

Can't sleep. The wind keeps me awake even if I cannot hear it

Wait, do tokens get moldy? I don't get the need for non fungible tokens.

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Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days.

I keep thinking about this but then I never find it when I go looking for it.

"Compiling Christmas Cheer..."

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Q: Why do you need FCC approval before cooking a slice of pork in the microwave oven?

A: It's a ham radio emission.

Perfect run on so far...but tomorrow I will break the streak for sure.

The mix of rising difficulty + working day is always what kills me

I also looked up the wrong article while being logged in to my amazon account.

Bezos knows.

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I mean, fixing the mistake will probably cost amazon more than the "damage" I cause, says the Devil on my left shoulder. The angel on my right shoulder is whistling distracted, but he told me to write this poll.

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Hypotetically....if I ordered a 13 euro article on amazon, and I received a completely unrelated (but useful) article worth 59 euro,
should I...

Does anybody have on a windy day? Even without leaving the house and actually being in wind.
It's really common for me (I hate the wind) but I don't find many mentions of it.

I decided I cannot be 20 years in this chosen profession and being so shitty at touch typing. I have been training for a month at least 10 minutes per day and I am now slower, but slightly more precise, and definitely quieter on the keys. But it's really something I cannot do well in general, it reminds me of the feeling of frustration I experienced every time I tried to play a musical instrument. It really puts me in a bad mood, as I feel inadequate.

The conclusion is clear.

Fully vaccinated people are less likely to die with Covid19 than those who are not vaccinated.

The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the death rate.

#COVID19 #vaccineswork
Fonte: Commisione Europea

so biology diagrams, out of necessity, give us nice and pretty and spaced-out views of what the inside of a cell looks like. it's so you can clearly identify which part is which, when you're learning about that.

but as imaging gets better and better, it becomes even clearer what an absolute riotous mishmash traffic jam is inside every single cell. people are putting together far more accurate pictures of what is happening, using both imaging and 3d re-creations, and merging the two.

here's a really cool example of that!

you can click on individual pictures to then roll over bits and bobs - but i'll warn you, it's at the "you're in med school" level of cell biology, looking at individual signalling pathways, so don't feel distressed if you don't know most of this shit. this is graduate-level cell biology stuff.

also note: all of this is false color, the inside of your cells isn't actually this level of lisa frank. it's been colorized to help people identify which part is which. however it's also been made with using x-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy datasets, in terms of the imaging that's been brought to bear here to help create this far more complete model.

this glorious riot of activity is happening continuously in each and every single one of your cells!

and i think that is pretty fuckin neato!

#biology #cellbiology #science #notsurewhattotagthisbutitsfuckinneato

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