I am cofounder of a small no profit association for space outreach in Italy (started off as a forum, then became an association to better manage the activities and the resources).

We have a Linkedin page, for... actually, for no good reason.
Now somebody pointed out to me that linked is putting our name and logo on job offers that have NOTHING to do with us, just because a company has the same name.

I hate any form of corporate social media.

said it before and I'll say it again, an undersold benefit of living with socialism is no commercials and ads

A few days after finishing watching The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance I'm still thinking about it.
It's remarkably well done, expanding on the original movie that I also thoroughly enjoyed.

I do wish for a second season, but I really hope it won't be stretched forever, and drained of all its essence.

Arcade Dreams (Timecop1983 Remix) from The Midnight

Two of my favorite synthwave bands, together.
Released while I'm in the subway without my headphones, heading to a birthday party.

Hard to resist the temptation of blasting it full volume for the joy of my fellow travelers.


Wired, 1993: Rebels with a Cause - Your Privacy. "On the cover were Eric Hughes, Tim May, John Gilmore, holding up an American flag, faces hidden behind white mask, their PGP fingerprints written on the foreheads. Gilmore even sporting an newly-founded EFF T-shirt. (from Thomas Rid, CS Monitor)"

Wired, 2019: YOU'RE IN PRIVATE MODE. To continue using a private window, sign in or subscribe. The title of the article being denied reads "It's Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser. Ad trackers are out of control".

User support rant 

Police patronizing women 

The dark crystal is really good! I found the story a bit simple and predictable at the beginning, but now it's interesting and creative (around episode 8)

essential oils
oils: deep cuts
oils – "best of"
oils 1980-2010 the entire collection

Chin up ISRO. The moon is a harsh mistress.
Keep on trying.

Somehow I planned to go swimming with a friend. At 7.30.
I hate myself. I'll be happy after swimming, but I woke up at 6.30, it's almost 7 and I haven't moved yet.

Part de marché des navigateurs internet de 1996 à 2019

When I read about the Mastodon 'night crew' I feel like those bus drivers, waking up at 4 am to take their shift at 5 and driving around drunken party people from the night before.

All aboard!

Being followed by a faceless and silent avatar is creepy.
Here’s my suggestion for newbies: set a picture and write at least one, preferably four posts that tell us something about yourself, about what to expect.
If you follow me, I will look at your profile and maybe I’ll follow back. But I’m not following a faceless and silent avatar.
Now... how to get this message out to newbies... 🤔

Fixed (at least the Amazon purchase) with a reboot.

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