"... Amistics, which was a term that had been coined ages ago [...] to talk about the choices that different cultures made as to which technologies they would, and would not, make part of their lives. The word went all the way back to the Amish people [...] , who had chosen to use certain modern technologies [...], but not others. All cultures did this, frequently without being consciously aware that they had made collective choices"

(Seveneves, Neal Stephenson)

"Master Control Program's been snapping up all us programs who believe. If he thinks you're useful, he takes over all your functions so he gets bigger. And if he can't use you, he sends you down here to the game grid to get the bits blasted out of you."

So, basically, systemd.

I now have my private matrix server. I set up bridging with whatsapp and telegram (because the network effect struggle is real).
Element (ex Riot) is nice, but how come nothing beats Telegram? The telegram UI (native, not web) is just the best.

Tomorrow Star Trek Lower Decks premiers in the US and it has no international distributor.
They are just asking for piracy. There is no other explanation.

Hey devs, please use semantic html. This is important!

When listing things, use ul/li! When writing things, use p! When adding navigation, use nav! When putting the main part of your website inside a div, use main! Please use h1, h2, h3 for your titles! Don't use table for layout, they are for data!

Screen readers users have shortcuts to jump to all those parts of your website instead of reading it from top to bottom. But it only works with semantic html. So please help them! :tealheart:

We give you the brilliant, the crazy, the fools⠀
The gifted and the troubled

You Normals will follow the ones you choose
Now, maybe that's the problem?

(how did I miss that there was a new Pain of Salvation single?)

Strong Blade Runner vibes from the Olympia tower in Munich tonight.

It baffles me every time I see an artist who is only on streaming services for this very reason. Streaming services hardly pay anything!

Source: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2018/12/25/streaming-music-services-pay-2019/

The best way to support artists right now is either by buying music directly from them or using Bandcamp. Mark the dates of Bandcamp Fridays in your calendar; artists receive 100% of the proceeds when you buy on those days (next one is the end of this week).


I love so much (DRM and ownership concepts notwithstanding) I cannot remember the last time I read a paper book. But despite that, I still have a hard time estimating the size of a book or the progress I'm making through a book without seeing the stacks of paper shifting from right to left.
Sure, 51% through. Of what?

Am I alone?

I soooo needed some holidays. It must have been hell to work with me until today. Now I only want to read books and sleep for two weeks.

Prepositions are a bad thing to end sentences with

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