What does "give me a minute" mean to you?

Youtube just showed me an advertisement for immune system integrators for seniors. Specifically targeted for over 60.

So there's that.

In their defense, I was trying to watch a video about a combine harvester.

I need holidays after my vacation. I don't think I can make it to Christmas without another break.

"the name you're looking for is 'Voldemort' "
"thank you"
"don't mention it"

Hey remember when Sinead O'Connor released that incomplete standard i/o library? She even made a song about it.

🎶 no strcmp().....no strcmp() for you!! 🎵

When I was a kid I was kind of confused about how diet products work. In my mind, you were supposed to consume them on top of "normal" ones. So, eat, drink whatever you want, then have a diet soda and a piece of low fat cheese and you are gonna be healthy.

OK, that's funny, but it's all about a misconception in the head of a child after all.

Now, let's see how policymakers and corporates approach investment in green infrastructure and renewable energy.


I'm a firm believer of Hanlon's Razor, but over a week, Facebook has flagged a post and a comment of mine, both about Mastodon (and including a link to joinmastodon.org)


sometimes has a weird glitch where, on opening, the second (or so) toot in a screen disappears while I look at it. And in case it's something interesting, it's really hard to figure out where it went.
I didn't find an issue on github about this, but maybe I'm using the wrong keywords
@ConnyDuck, is it something that you are aware of or should I open an issue?
It's been like that for months, I can live with it. But I thought you'd like to know.

I forgot there was a Matrix movie in the making. I would assume it would be bad, but the fact that Keanu Reeves chose to be in it, somehow, gives me hope.

Silly family "drama" 

My family is driving me up the wall with questions about my wedding.
Our idea was to walk in the town hall, sign, go have lunch.
Now it's a 3 part ceremony for which we're reminded we still have not finalized our choice of readings and music.

They are organizing a ceremony for themselves, not for us. I'm trying my best not to be impolite, but they are manufacturing problems and asking for solutions.

And a part of me is feeling guilty that I am not thankful enough.

Q: How to start a space colonization mission in a Unix shell?

A: sed -i 's/ /:/g'

So, yeah, I read about , I read the nix pills, I played with in a VM... I would try to use it for a bit.

Oh hey, quick idea, let's look at a real-life derivation from a real package in nixpkg...

*Stares in WTF*

I'm finally on vacation. I have a wedding (mine) coming up but I still have a few days to rest first.
I think I will use the weekend to play with Nix and .

Any fan here?

Hey, listen, kid, I was using Terraform in production before it was v1.0

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