why am I feeling so guilty about this? should I be feeling guilty about this?

me: *"works" a whole day ( > 8 hours ) and looks at the `git log --oneline`

damn! what update am I supposed to give my boss today?

do I be honest and say that all I was doing all day was _fixing up_ things that were already done earlier?

huh?! I thought the _nocookie_ in the domain meant that the website wouldn't put any cookies in my browser.

oh, wait, this is we're talking about - there's no google-owned domain that you can hit without getting tracking cookies embedded into your browser.

everything is just a


I cleaned up my very-over- list of -related , re-arranged a few, changed the to reflect the system's default and now my browser's address bar doesn't feel suffocated anymore.

' / seem to be holding up pretty well so far.

I disabled 8 extensions, moved 3 to the overflow menu and paused 2 ( I need some quick that gets too intrusive ).

A quick kind-of-cheatsheet screenshot-ted from fediverse.network's footer.

PS : switching.social, distsn.org is inaccessible at the time of writing.
PPS : yes, I visited each link ( and spent 2 hours just playing around with them )

@opennic is something up with the nameservers?

I haven't been able to connect to multiple nameservers for almost a month now.

cc : @jonah

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