the hard way that does not play well with ( or the other way around, maybe )

You cannot boot into an OS ( from systemd-boot ) that did a kernel update when booted via grub and the initramfs was recompiled.

I should have purged grub earlier, but I thought it would be harmless being left alone. :facepalm:

Does someone know how to fix this from the emergency mode shell?

The problem is that my `/boot/efi` is not being mounted during boot via systemd-boot. But it works if I boot via grub.

The same problem exists the other way around - if I boot into another OS from grub ( but its initramfs was compiled using systemd-boot )

`update-initramfs -u` didn't work.


Well, though I didn't want to, I copied the kernel to the systemd-boot end and then everything worked.

But I still don't understand the underlying problem yet. I hope someone can enlighten me.

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