you can't have 'gitlab', 'wordpress' or 'ghost' in top-level domain names because they are protected trademarks.

It is strictly prohibited by and ; but unclear whether it applies to sub-domains as well.

sources :
- GitLab :
- WordPress :
- Ghost : > Automatic Restriction.

If you have a personal blog at or a self-hosted gitlab instance at, that is technically violating trademark rules.

I don't think it is strictly enforced though because there aren't any services ( that I know of at least ) that have gathered more popularity ( with misdirection in their domain names ) than the original services.

I know of the GitLab instance that is at which is a violation.

Did @gnome obtain any special permissions to use the sub-domain?

I hope that the policy was not overlooked. There should have been some sort of dialogue between the organizations and some arrangement that was reached after deliberation.

@shine I guess filing an issue on their bug tracker, ironically also hosted by the same GitLab instance, would be a good idea. Seems they are in full swing migrating their bugzilla instance over to GitLab.



@espen I don't think I should really be bothering them about this if themselves aren't really bothered about this.

They have published blog posts about their association with ( ) which leads me to believe that there must have been some sort of arrangement between the 2 organizations.


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