When a bug tracker makes me jump through hoops (#CAPTCHA) or the bug tracker is hosted by an unethical service (e.g. MS #Github or gitlab.com [#CloudFlare]):

@bojkotiMalbona i discovered that I can't surf hub.docker.com anymore in Firefox. The default content blocker of Firefox itself is even blocking the Startpage.

Some more sites don't load CSS and or JS anymore. Maybe connected to cloudflare? Maybe someone else can confirm that?

I switch over to a chromium instance in such cases. That way my Firefox stays a bit cleaner.

@daniels If you're using uMatrix, the page doesn't render unless you allow 3rd party JS from cloudfront.net. FF without uMatrix, with JS enabled works on hub.docker.com.

@bojkotiMalbona I don't have uMatrix installed, only "Privacy Badger".

Turning the content blocking of Firefox of will load the page. Having it on, will not load the assets.

JS is enabled, its all about the "Enhanced Tracking Protection is ON for this site".

At least for me.

That are my settings. And I think it's fine that it's not working. But they should build sites you can use without being tracked.

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