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mping(){ ping $1|awk -F[=\ ] '/me=/{t=$(NF-1);f=3000-14*log(t^20);c="play -q -n synth 1 pl " f;print $0;system(c)}';} # mping (melody ping) will make an audible ping sound pitched according to the latency. Ex: mping

@opennic is something up with the nameservers?

I haven't been able to connect to multiple nameservers for almost a month now.

cc : @jonah

I was just too lazy to and test the module. Maybe, I'll do it some other time. It's not like I don't have or on my cloud.

I hope the latest version will be packaged in at least with maybe.
I'm guessing might already have the right packages. At least with an LTS coming right around the corner ( even if does not have it ).

Until then ( or until I build it from source; and it works ), certbot, we're going to continue our relationship.

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Fortunately, because I had thought of enabling -based configuration and not just overwriting all of my configuration, all I had to do was to a2dismod md and I was with my previous good configuration.

And the other advantage is that I don't have to take these configurations out of the main file to make it work.

When the module matures enough to be packaged for distributions, I just have to (re-)enable the module ( and restart , of course ) and I'll have md working right out of the box.

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No initial run goes smooth. This was no different.
After commenting out well-documented 'Invalid command's, I finally got to start at least, only to get thrown a bunch more errors at me.

In the end, what was it? The module was still stuck with the 'experimental' ACMEv1 client.

I guess I should've backed off when I noticed the 'transitional package' label on the package before even installing it.

I'm cozying back up with good ol' . I don't it's going anywhere anytime soon.

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And here I was running the traditional certbot+apache combination 🤦‍♂️

I checked my apt-cache for libapache2-mod-md and it was there ( though the description read 'transitional package` ).

I spent the night reading through the extensive documentation and adapting my configuration to work with ( with conditionals as well ).

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that built-in support for the Let's Encrypt ACME ( experimental since v2.4.33 ) since 2017 ( or at least early 2018 ) 🤯

I chanced upon this finding from the list of client options (

Announcement blog post ( October 2017 ) :

@climagic Love the philosophical, thought provoking toots ❤️ It's a nice change to the . Keep it coming 🙌

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Dear university computer science/informatics/infosec programs of the world, stop letting students graduate without command line experience. We still need that experience.

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Shhh, don't tell them using Linux is about having more freedom in your life. They might start to oppress us.

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The terminal is the ultimate sandbox game. You can do anything.

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I just can’t with Google. I do not understand why the web community (mostly) views Facebook as questionable but treats Google as socially acceptable. Lines drawn at their own convenience.

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Macca & Medina closed, Vatican closed, Tirupati & Shiridi closed...... the gods have closed their doors....... but hospitals are open 24*7 to save & serve the humankind.


Hey @Gargron, I know Mastodon can import-export data between instances.

Have you heard of the ( )? Should you consider joining the project because Mastodon is already doing the good work.

They do have a whitepaper ( but not an RFC 🤔 ). Maybe you could take a look and see how Mastodon could contribute to the project?

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If I got paid for the unsuccessful commands, I'd be richer than Bill Gates because $? would be > 0. You don't have to get them right all the time, just make sure to have good backups.

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In a previous tweet we mentioned that privacy-abuse for ads just generates 4% more revenue. The New York Times actually showed that privacy-friendly ads can even generate MORE revenue! So what is the case for user profiling again? #privacy

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Which even if you're not doing this visualization you should be doing anyways or just turn off root logins altogether.

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@aral The answer from Amazon's spokerperson is priceless: "We’ll continue to invent more privacy features on behalf of customers.". You don't need to "invent privacy features" if you're not spying on people in the first place!

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