@Lyle yeah good hiring is key. I 100% agree with your sentiment as well. As a manager, I always say it's my job to clear out obstacles and let my team members shine. Ownership and respect are fantastic motivators!

@sperea speaking on behalf of the world, hello back at you! 👋

@Lyle sounds fantastic! I wish more companies had this mindset. Definitely going to check out the podcast.

How does the company and/or employees protect that culture from bad apples who would abuse it?

@universal_traveler @jamesaddison @tekchip totally agree. Also relevant to consider that tech now makes it much cheaper and easier for services like Twitch to broadcast and find their audience.

The cost of traditional TV broadcast means that it only makes sense for things with huge mass appeal like NFL or MLB. Luckily we have a lot more choice these days!

@jamesaddison I mostly play 4X games and rpgs, which I would never watch someone else play, but I guess Fortnite/FPSs are short enough and you can see/appreciate skills of others? Dunno

@Lyle Nice! What's the experience like working at a large company like Netflix? I.e. culture, management style, rolls & responsibilities, etc. I've only ever worked at startups/smaller companies.

@jdlennox Hey! That's awesome that you're getting into IoT. I'd say generally be familiar with some of the main languages used in IoT (like node.js). In your mind, what would you like to do within the field? Work on platforms, embedded software, drivers, frontend, etc.?

@russsaidwords I've been tooting from the treadmill for years, long before I knew about mastodon 😂

@SuperFloppies 🤦‍♂️

I'm not even a programmer and I've fully familiar

@kieran agree mate!! Mourinho and United were made for each other 💩

@XedinUnknown Couldn't agree more. In companies tend to boast about number of devices supported, but so what? What's the value prop(s) for end users?

What do folks think of this? Seems a good idea personally. Having tried Lime and Bird in April in SF I found them to be excellent last mile transport.


@ashfurrow Awesome advice, thank you sir! Hopefully I'll be interesting enough to get a follow from yourself! 😜


@SuperFloppies Ah got it, my bad - definitely enjoying it so far! Thanks!

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Bio - I'm a guitarist, husband, dad (2 teenagers and 4 dogs) IT Geek and gamer - I work in IT and gig most weekends in a covers band.

I live in Scotland, grew up in Edinburgh and would love it if you said hi and where you are from too.

Thanks for checking my profile out - I'm interested to see how Mastodon fares after seeing many other social media platforms fail to knock over the big boys...it is time for a change though!

@Vaiai hi 👋 - new to Mastodon as well. I’m from New York City (originally from California). My family name (Stewart) is Scottish af. Welcome!!

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