@ashfurrow - for those of us new to Mastodon, what's your advice for making friends and finding & creating value (esp. here on this instance)? Thanks!

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@shaunstew @ashfurrow The best way to make friends IME is to watch the timelines and reply to anything you're interested in!

@Miredly @ashfurrow great advice thanks! People seem very friendly/engaged so far!

@shaunstew sure, so my advice is:

- Follow a lot of people. If you see something cool boosted onto your TL, follow that user. You can unfollow later – there’s no algorithm watching your every move.
- Check out to look for interesting people. The Local TL is also good to browse.
- Answer questions about Mastodon when you see them.
- Be yourself. You’re coming to a new place, so consider taking that opportunity to be/come whoever you are, in an authentic and non-ironic way.

@ashfurrow Awesome advice, thank you sir! Hopefully I'll be interesting enough to get a follow from yourself! 😜

@shaunstew @ashfurrow Watch the local timeline, pick some up. Follow some. Browse their bio's, tell them if they don't have a bio set up... nicely ;). The locals are pretty chill.

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