My first toot!!

Would love to meet some fine folks on this instance or any other, esp. if you're into IoT or smart building (or Liverpool FC)!

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@BG10K Awesome!! I'm a user of micro controllers but I can't solder for crap! What types of projects do you do?

@shaunstew right now I'm part owner of an escape room and we're doing a ton of puzzles with IoT as well as all the lighting. I also reverse engineering things. As a side job, I'm a logic-level motherboard technician and microsolderer.

@BG10K ah that's super cool! I'm part of a pretty intense pub-trivia team and we've started getting into escape rooms lately - love them!

@shaunstew yeah. When ours opens we should have one of the more advanced ones in America. We've invented at least two different things that are brand new to the industry. Its a good time!

@BG10K awesome, good luck! Will have to make it out there next time I'm in St. L (happens every few years)

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